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Perfectly Polished Tips 260 - NOTD Monday OPI DS Mystery

For some reason I thought this polish was a lot more purple. Maybe batch differences? I just purchased this polish recently. It looks very brown in most lights, think the glitter bits make up for it though. It's a lovely fall polish. Two coats.

I found this in the clearance bin at Ulta, I'm not sure if that means it's being discontinued or not. 

Check back in this week, I'll be posting a giveaway :)


Perfectly Polished Tips 257 - NOTD Monday Happy Hands For British Eyes Only

Happy Monday! I usually hate mondays but so far today Monday is going smoothly. (and i probably just jinxed it and the rest of my day will suck) It is damp and rainy outside but I really appreciate the cooler weather. I have been over the summer heat for about two months now :)

Today I have Happy Hands For British Eyes Only to share. It's a gorgeous, glitter bomb, and it happens to be in my favorite color family - teal!

2 coats of FBEO over Illa Muse

It was raining yesterday too when I took these photos. The bling is understated but the color is spot on. Usually my issues are opposite. There is  all types of glitter going on in the bottle. I have become really fond of hex glitter and I really love the depth and dimension in this polish.

For British Eyes Only is from Happy Hands I Have Made A Huge Mistake collection which was inspired by a TV show. After seeing the polishes I became very curious about what they were referencing and I watched all three seasons of Arrested Development over about two weeks. I loved it, if you have not watched the show you should really check it out. I know it's an older show but some how I had never watched any of it. I'm glad I did.

For British Eyes Only can be found on Etsy, it looks like FBEO is OOS right now but the shop restocks on Saturdays at 5PM.


Perfectly Polished Tips 256 - Darling Diva Polish The Harbinger

Happy Friday! Today I have another polish from Darling Diva Polish. The Harbinger is a part of the Battlestar Galactica collection and is meant to be used as a top coat. The polish is a clear base with gold and red glitter, iridescent hexes, and blue flecks. Very pretty polish, I love how much the blue flecks stand out.

I had a hard time deciding what color to layer this polish over, I felt like black is always used and I am trying to branch out. For the longest time I did not layer, I like my manicures to be quick. I don't often have a lot of down time to wait for 19 coats of polish to dry. This manicure meant staying up a little bit later to ensure that it was completely dry. There is nothing worse than waking up with a sheet marked mani!

I decided to layer it over Jessica For Your Eyes Only, which is a dark purple creme. I have seen quite a few red/purple combos lately and I like the way they look. For this manicure I did one coat of the Jessica and two coats of The Harbinger.

It was tricky for me to get a direct sunlight picture of this. The sun kept reflecting off of the hexes and creating blobs of color. Other photos were just blurry. Overall though I think these two photos show each part of the polish well.

Darling Diva Polish is available on Etsy.

(this was sent for review)


Perfectly Polished Tips 255 - Essie Stroke of Brilliance

A few months ago I picked up Essie A Cut Above which was very unusual for me. It's a fun polish but so out of character for what I normally put on my tips. A couple of months ago I saw a promo image for a blue version and I knew I had to have it.

I layered Stroke of Brilliance over OPI Russian Navy Suede. I wore this combo last weekend and I really enjoyed it. I didn't wait long enough for the OPI to dry before applying the Essie. There is quite the bald spot on my index finger. I used two coats of the Essie and one of RN. I don't think Stroke of Brilliance would be opaque on its own. I want to say that I tried with A Cut Above and after three coats I still had some nail space visible. I prefer to layer glitters but that is just me.

OPI Russian Navy Suede was an untried for me, I have almost the entire Suede collection. I am missing Ink and it has been on my wishlist for a while. I don't know if these are still available any where. If anyone knows where I can acquire Ink please let me know!


Perfectly Polished Tips 254 - NOTD Monday Darling Diva Polish Anime Day

Carrie from Darling Diva Polish sent me a few of her polishes to try out recently. I was going to swatch all three and do one post but after applying the first one I decided to make it my NOTD.

This is Anime Day over Zoya Reagan (you can see Reagan on its own here)

Anime Day is made up of multicolored glitter, I believe some are matte. Although the base looks green it is actually pink. You can see the pink tint in the third photo. The glitter in this reminds me of those little, round, multicolored sprinkles. The above photos are two coats of Anime Day, this one you have to use the dabbing method of applying. I found that I couldn't just brush it on because it carried the glitter away.

I think this is the first time I have worn pink on my tips in a really long time LOL. Save for that horrid SH nail strip mani I did a few weeks ago. I like it, I find that I am always wearing blue, teal, or purple. Time to stop neglecting the other colors :)

DDP just recently released a new collection based on the movie The Craft. If you are a fan of the movie you need to check out the collection. The polishes are amazing.

You can find Darling Diva Polish on Etsy and check out DDP's facebook page to keep up with news, restocks, and pictures.

(this was sent to me for review - all opinions are my own)


Perfectly Polished Tips 253 - Smitten Polish Aquarius

Smitten Polish is another new to me brand. Noelie is amazing, she has found the perfect balance between glitter and creme. I had always admired her polishes but the whole glitter in a milky base did not appeal to me. Aquarius had caught my eye a few times but I had convinced myself that I didn't *need* it, until the word "discontinued" was mentioned. Then it was OMG I NEED THIS POLISH NOW OR I WILL MISS OUT AND BE SO SAD. Ok, so not that dramatic but I know you guys know what I am talking about.

What I loved about this polish was that it was opaque in three coats. No layering needed. I am really lazy when it comes to polishing my nails. I want it to be done quickly with whatever will dry the fastest. I have been trying to do a jelly sandwich mani for weeks now and I can't get it right. I have great combos but they never dry.

On to the photos:

This polish has this wonderful green glitter that really makes the polish IMO. I'm not even a green lover but I thought it gave a nice balance to the polish.

You can find Noelie's creations on her Etsy shop - Smitten Polish.


Perfectly Polished Tips 251 - Polish Revolution Vegan Zombie

Another glitter mani? Seriously I think an alien has taken over my body. I do not think I have ever worn this many glittery manicures in a row. I am enjoying it though, they are different (for me!) and fun. I do think though that the next polish I choose it going to have to be a creme, maybe even a neutral band aid creme.

I posted a link to an etsy shop on my facebook page a couple of days ago. The link was for Polish Revolution, another lovely indie company who is just getting started. Her first releases were all glitter polishes but for my team creme stash I had nothing even remotely similar. The one that really called out to me was called Vegan Zombie. It's a sheer grey base with different sizes of green, teal, and silver hex glitters. I'm a vegetarian and my son is obsessed with zombies. So color aside I knew i *needed* it for the name alone.

I found it to be very sheer, I did a test nail to see how it would look not layered and I still had a very VNL and I'm not a fan of that. I ended up layering it over two coats of Carolyn New York Handball Courts. ( side note: I miss CNY so bad, they are seriously some of my favorite polishes, everything about them is perfection.)

Here is Handball Courts on its own - 2 coats

Here is Vegan Zombie - also 2 coats

Polish Revolution polishes retail for $9 plus shipping. I am not sure when she does her restocks so you may have to email her or just keep an eye on her shop.


Perfectly Polished Tips 250 - NOTD Monday!

What is better than blue nail polish? Blue nail polish topped with hearts and stars of course :)

Happy Hands Ditto over RBL Dead Calm

This polish has amazing, glowy, blue shimmer. I didn't have to fish for hearts, I did only have one star though which unfortunately was on my right hand so it's not pictured. 

If you are looking for some new reading material check out Happy Hand's blog. I believe she started it only recently but she has some pretty manis and fun stuff to look at.


Perfectly Polished Tips 249 - How to Remove a Glitter Bomb

I have been wearing a ton of glitter polish lately and to be honest the reason I used to avoid it was because I hated having to struggle with removing it. The nail community is always coming up with clever ways to remove polish. For a while using foil was very popular, I tried to to do this and failed miserably. Basically you soak a cotton ball in acetone, put it on your nail, and then wrap in foil. For whatever reason when I did this all I accomplished was a mess.

Recently a gal on a nail board I frequent posted about using silicone finger tips. They are meant for filing papers. The premise is pretty much the same as the foil method but you can reuse the tips.

You need:
*something to remove the polish with
*silicone finger tips
*acetone (or your remover of choice)

 I used felt, you can use cotton balls or rounds too.

these are the finger tips - I got them in the section with the pens, pencils, and such. they were a little over $3 

Soak each felt strip, wrap around your nail, and top w/ a finger tip

After 5 minutes I removed every thing & ta da! To remove these bits I just swiped the same piece of felt over my nail a couple of times. No scrubbing required.

After! No more glitter! 

I am really happy to have stumbled upon this method. Previously I was just peeling off the glitter and really doing a number on my nail beds. They were all rough and peely. Hopefully I can nurse my nails back in to better shape now.

Oh! Make sure to moisturize after! This left my cuticles looking a little sad.


Perfectly Polished Tips 248 - NOTD Lilacquer Schrodinger's Catastrophe

Lilacquer is another new to me brand. The owner/creator mostly does duochrome top coats. That is not really my thing. However she recently announced a new collection called Science! and it is more duochrome topcoats but they are made with hex glitter instead of shimmer. Since I am on such a glitter bomb kick I decided that I could not pass this one up. I believe Lilacquer will be releasing one new polish for the Science! collection each month. Please don't quote me on that though!

Schrodinger's Catastrophe has hex glitter that shifts from blue to aqua to green. It's very pretty and applied very easily. With most glitter polishes you have to dab to get a good coating of glitter, for this polish I applied it like a normal polish. I found that the amount of glitter varied by how much I had wiped the brush before putting it on the nail. I was very happy about that, fishing for glitter makes me sad.

I wore it over 1 coat of Illa bOOsh. It would probably look great over blues and teals too.

with flash to show the green side

I wrote this up and took photos a few days ago when it was cloudy and blogger crapped out on me. Next time I wear this polish I will be sure to get sunshine pics and post them here or on my facebook page.

Lilacquer is available on Etsy and depending on what you buy price ranges from $9-12. This particular polish was $9 plus shipping.


Perfectly Polished Tips 247 - NOTD Pahlish Typewriter Keys

I have already gushed about how much I love Shannon's polishes. Typewriter Keys did not disappoint! I wore it over OPI Don't Touch My Tutu. For being a glitter polish I found this manicure to be almost subtle and chic. It felt very elegant and not so in your face as some of the other glitter bomb polish that I own.

Typewriter Keys contains ultra fine silver and holo shimmer as well as black and pearly white shard glitter in a clear base. The holo shimmer really makes the polish IMO. I found this mani to be neutral but still fun. It was a nice break from all of the blue, green, and purple I have been wearing. :)

This is two coats of OPI Don't Touch My Tutu and two coats of Typewriter Keys.

Pahlish retails for $9 a bottle and can be found on Etsy.


Perfectly Polished Tips 245 - NOTD Happy Hands Springs

Happy Hands Nail Polish is a new to me brand and I must say I am impressed! I will be completely honest, when this whole indie nail polish thing exploded I was skeptical. I mean how how many combinations of glitter can be thrown in a bottle? I take it back, after interacting with several indie owners I see that so much goes into. They are all so passionate about their polish. I have been browsing many new to me brands and Etsy and am constantly saying "Ohhhh!! I need that!"

The first collection to make it's debut from Happy Hands was called Greetings From Florida which is where the owner/creator is from. It was made up of four gorgeous polishes. Only one of them really called to me though, of course it was in the teal family.

Springs is a turquoise jelly with small aqua hexes, medium greenish hexes, and holographic hexes; I think I had a couple of squares in my bottle as well. The small hexes really give it so much depth. I didn't have to fish for the larger hexes either! I am not great at applying glitters I will say. I have tried to perfect the dabbing method, I have watched several youtube videos as well. Ah, I guess I will get it one day. Aside from my application needing work the formula on Springs was awesome, I believe that it should be opaque on it's own in 2-3 coats. I layered it though because with jelly polish I tend to make a mess. I get lumpy, squishy areas on my nails and usually I end up picking it off. I didn't want to do that!

Here is two coats of Springs layered over one coat of China Glaze For Audrey

Happy Hands Nail Polishes retails for $8 per bottle and can be found on Etsy. Restocks happen every SATURDAY at 5PM. You can also check out Happy Hands on facebook.


Perfectly Polished Tips 244 - NOTD Lush Lacquer Golden Goddess

Lush Lacquer is a new to me brand. It is an indie brand created by a mother daughter team :) I have been lemming OPI Dazzled by Gold FOREVER. It came out when I did not have access to Ulta and being that I am picky about gold on my skin I didn't try very hard to get it. Then of course I *needed* it and it was too late. I chose Gold Goddess in hopes of taking my mind off of Dazzled by Gold.

I love the color of this polish, it is on the cooler side and not too yellow. The formula was great, I did have an issue with the silver hex glitter. The etsy listing does say that you may have to fish for the hexes, which I thought meant that if you wanted AOT hexes on your nails then you would have to fish. Well I didn't get any hexes on my nails with just the brush. I tried tipping the bottle upside down, rolling it, shaking it. I eventually ended up sticking an orange stick in there and picking them off the stick with the brush. It was a pain and although I adore my manicure I don't know if I want to have to do that every single time I want to wear it. I don't know that this is the case with all of their polish and to be quite honest I probably would purchase another color if they had something I wanted.

For my NOTD I layered two coats of Golden Goddess over one coat of Orly Luxe



I purchased Golden Goddess from Lush Lacquer's Etsy shop. They retail for $8.75 each and I believe shipping was $3 or so. It seems that they make the polish as the orders come in so there is a wait time. I think it took almost two weeks for me to receive the polish, so if you are not the patient type I would skip Lush Lacquer.


Perfectly Polished Tips 242 - Zoya Diva Collection for Fall 2012

Here is the second set from Zoya's fall release. The Diva collection was inspired by the magic of NY fashion week. This set is made up of 6 gorgeous metallic polishes. I was really surprised by the Diva collex, normally it's not my thing but wow. The formula was awesome on all of them. FeiFei and Daul would be perfect with three coats, I did two but in the sun I could see they were a bit spotty.

Daul - magic purple with amazing gold flecks

Elisa - true red. I am so not a red gal, especially a shimmery red gal..this polish made me gasp. It is truly beautiful

FeiFei - Zoya calls this a magic blue and it is. The color shifts a bit, a little blue, some purple, a tiny bit of gold.

Ray - deep forest green, my least favorite. I had a bit of trouble with brush strokes with this one.

Song - I feel like this is going to be the star of the entire Fall release. An amazing, bright, royal blue.

Suri - deep purple with slight pink and blue sparkle.

With the exception of Ray these all applied like a dream. I love Zoya's brush and I love that they branched out a little with the Diva collection. I hope they continue to do so!

These are available now at, they retail for $8 each.

(these were sent for review)


Perfectly Polished Tips 240 - Julep America

Happy 4th of July!!

this month's Julep Maven box included a free polish. I am in the US so I got America. The polish has a red glitter base with  blue and white sparkles, there is also star glitter buried deep inside of the bottle. I realized after editing that I must have smudged my ring finger, so sorry so sloppy! I found this polish to be slightly on the thick side, that and I am not awesome when it comes to applying glitter. This is two coats w/ no base or top coat.

silver star glitter!

sparkling in the sun

If you are not a Julep Maven but would still like to own America you can purchase it from Julep polishes retail for $14 each


Perfectly Polished Tips 239 - NOTD Monday Pahlish

I posted about Pahlish in my last post. I am pretty new to indie nail polish and Pahlish was one of my first purchases. I have always said glitter was not for me, I am a self proclaimed member of TEAM CREME! I saw Dark Parades and instantly fell in love. Since then I have purchased a few more and I love them all. The formula is awesome, the brush is perfect for my narrow nail beds, and the selection is amazing!

Here are two NOTDs featuring Pahlish.

Dark Parades - unfortunately it was gloomy out when I wore this one so no great pictures were taken. These photos do it no justice!

Train Underwater - again this pic does not do the polish justice. There is amazing purple glitter in there as well as blue. There are some hexes as well.

Both of these are not my usual MO but I had fun wearing them and am glad they are apart of my collection! You can find Pahlish on Etsy, they retail for $8.50 each.