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Perfectly Polished Tips 256 - Darling Diva Polish The Harbinger

Happy Friday! Today I have another polish from Darling Diva Polish. The Harbinger is a part of the Battlestar Galactica collection and is meant to be used as a top coat. The polish is a clear base with gold and red glitter, iridescent hexes, and blue flecks. Very pretty polish, I love how much the blue flecks stand out.

I had a hard time deciding what color to layer this polish over, I felt like black is always used and I am trying to branch out. For the longest time I did not layer, I like my manicures to be quick. I don't often have a lot of down time to wait for 19 coats of polish to dry. This manicure meant staying up a little bit later to ensure that it was completely dry. There is nothing worse than waking up with a sheet marked mani!

I decided to layer it over Jessica For Your Eyes Only, which is a dark purple creme. I have seen quite a few red/purple combos lately and I like the way they look. For this manicure I did one coat of the Jessica and two coats of The Harbinger.

It was tricky for me to get a direct sunlight picture of this. The sun kept reflecting off of the hexes and creating blobs of color. Other photos were just blurry. Overall though I think these two photos show each part of the polish well.

Darling Diva Polish is available on Etsy.

(this was sent for review)


Perfectly Polished Tips 83 - More Pink

This post had started out as me sharing more of my favorite pink polishes but as I was pulling them out of the container I noticed some were very similar. So I turned the post in to here are my favorite pinks and their possible dupes.

Orly Taffy and CND Pink Chrome. Terrible picture but it was the only one that showed the shimmer. Taffy is a bit more on the peach side.

Essie Skin Deep and CND Love Struck. This Essie is my favorite, the CND has bit silver sparkles.

China Glaze Sex on the Beach and OPI Sweet Love at Ferris Wheel. I always thought the OPI was more peachy but I guess I was wrong. Under this lighting the two are pretty much identical. The OPI is also said to be a dupe of OPI Beachen Peachen.

China Glaze Pink Rox-E and OPI Chaple of Love. Pink Rox-E's sparkles are a bit larger and more pronounced.

OPI Passion for NY Fashion and CND Scorch. Some would argue that PfNYF doesn't have a dupe but this CND comes close in my opinion.

Pue Ice Iced Merlot and Urban Decay Big Bang. Not dead on dupes but similar, the Pure Ice can be found at Walmart, the UD is long gone.

Jessica Godiva and OPI My Big Break. These colors are pretty close in real life, right down to the minty green shimmer.

As always if you would like to see anything swatched please ask!