Perfectly Polished Tips 257 - NOTD Monday Happy Hands For British Eyes Only

Happy Monday! I usually hate mondays but so far today Monday is going smoothly. (and i probably just jinxed it and the rest of my day will suck) It is damp and rainy outside but I really appreciate the cooler weather. I have been over the summer heat for about two months now :)

Today I have Happy Hands For British Eyes Only to share. It's a gorgeous, glitter bomb, and it happens to be in my favorite color family - teal!

2 coats of FBEO over Illa Muse

It was raining yesterday too when I took these photos. The bling is understated but the color is spot on. Usually my issues are opposite. There is  all types of glitter going on in the bottle. I have become really fond of hex glitter and I really love the depth and dimension in this polish.

For British Eyes Only is from Happy Hands I Have Made A Huge Mistake collection which was inspired by a TV show. After seeing the polishes I became very curious about what they were referencing and I watched all three seasons of Arrested Development over about two weeks. I loved it, if you have not watched the show you should really check it out. I know it's an older show but some how I had never watched any of it. I'm glad I did.

For British Eyes Only can be found on Etsy, it looks like FBEO is OOS right now but the shop restocks on Saturdays at 5PM.

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