Perfectly Polished Tips 254 - NOTD Monday Darling Diva Polish Anime Day

Carrie from Darling Diva Polish sent me a few of her polishes to try out recently. I was going to swatch all three and do one post but after applying the first one I decided to make it my NOTD.

This is Anime Day over Zoya Reagan (you can see Reagan on its own here)

Anime Day is made up of multicolored glitter, I believe some are matte. Although the base looks green it is actually pink. You can see the pink tint in the third photo. The glitter in this reminds me of those little, round, multicolored sprinkles. The above photos are two coats of Anime Day, this one you have to use the dabbing method of applying. I found that I couldn't just brush it on because it carried the glitter away.

I think this is the first time I have worn pink on my tips in a really long time LOL. Save for that horrid SH nail strip mani I did a few weeks ago. I like it, I find that I am always wearing blue, teal, or purple. Time to stop neglecting the other colors :)

DDP just recently released a new collection based on the movie The Craft. If you are a fan of the movie you need to check out the collection. The polishes are amazing.

You can find Darling Diva Polish on Etsy and check out DDP's facebook page to keep up with news, restocks, and pictures.

(this was sent to me for review - all opinions are my own)

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