Perfectly Polished Tips 253 - Smitten Polish Aquarius

Smitten Polish is another new to me brand. Noelie is amazing, she has found the perfect balance between glitter and creme. I had always admired her polishes but the whole glitter in a milky base did not appeal to me. Aquarius had caught my eye a few times but I had convinced myself that I didn't *need* it, until the word "discontinued" was mentioned. Then it was OMG I NEED THIS POLISH NOW OR I WILL MISS OUT AND BE SO SAD. Ok, so not that dramatic but I know you guys know what I am talking about.

What I loved about this polish was that it was opaque in three coats. No layering needed. I am really lazy when it comes to polishing my nails. I want it to be done quickly with whatever will dry the fastest. I have been trying to do a jelly sandwich mani for weeks now and I can't get it right. I have great combos but they never dry.

On to the photos:

This polish has this wonderful green glitter that really makes the polish IMO. I'm not even a green lover but I thought it gave a nice balance to the polish.

You can find Noelie's creations on her Etsy shop - Smitten Polish.

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