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Perfectly Polished Tips 255 - Essie Stroke of Brilliance

A few months ago I picked up Essie A Cut Above which was very unusual for me. It's a fun polish but so out of character for what I normally put on my tips. A couple of months ago I saw a promo image for a blue version and I knew I had to have it.

I layered Stroke of Brilliance over OPI Russian Navy Suede. I wore this combo last weekend and I really enjoyed it. I didn't wait long enough for the OPI to dry before applying the Essie. There is quite the bald spot on my index finger. I used two coats of the Essie and one of RN. I don't think Stroke of Brilliance would be opaque on its own. I want to say that I tried with A Cut Above and after three coats I still had some nail space visible. I prefer to layer glitters but that is just me.

OPI Russian Navy Suede was an untried for me, I have almost the entire Suede collection. I am missing Ink and it has been on my wishlist for a while. I don't know if these are still available any where. If anyone knows where I can acquire Ink please let me know!


Perfectly Polished Tips 237 - NOTD Monday

I did this NOTD when my nails were still long. Unfortunately I am not cut out to have long nails and I have been sporting nubbins for about a week now. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted!

This is Essie Body Language topped with OPI Mod Hatter. We had very little sun last week so the pictures are not the best.

I had wanted to do a neutral manicure because I thought it would look very chic on long tips. I ended up hating this combo, which is odd because the first time I wore Body Language I loved it. It may have been because I wore it on short nails.

Are there any colors meant for long tips? Or colors that should only be worn on shorties? I know everyone has different opinions on this, I feel like if you like it rock it.

Have a great week!


Perfectly Polished Tips 228 - Essie Barefoot in Blue

Essie partnered up with TOMS shoes and produced a limited edition nail polish. Essie/TOMS gave away 1500 bottles a few weeks ago. I had forgotten that I entered and was pleasantly surprised when I found it in my mail box!

This Essie/TOMS pairing was done to raise awareness for the One Day Without Shoes campaign. Today was the official day but please check out the website. You can always help!


Perfectly Polished Tips 221 - The Return of NOTD Monday

I liked doing NOTD Monday posts and was sidelined due to the nail challenge. While I don't think it will be beneficial to keep polish on all the time during the challenge, I do think it is okay some of the time. I will (hopefully) be doing weekend manicures so I can get back to posting polish photos! That and I miss having color on my tips!

This weekend's manicure was Essie No More Film. It's a beautiful, inky, blurple creme. When I first got into polishes that were not pink or red, blurple was the color I was on the hunt for. At the time the only blurple creme out there was one by L'Oreal and it was hard to find. I was lucky enough to snag a bottle but was disappointed to find that the formula bubbled on me. Every. Single. Time. I tried different base coats and top coats, nothing helped. A few others came out after that and of course I had to have them. Zoya Pinta comes to mind, I think I have a photo somewhere but I'm not sure if I still own Pinta.

No More Film is part of the Resort 2012 collection. I did not pay attention to any of the other colors in this collection, I saw NMF, grabbed it, and didn't have a second thought. This polish is a one coater, the coverage and formula are amazing. I did two coats out of habit though and because for some reason when I polish lately I completely miss the side of my nail. It takes the "gap" to a whole other level, a level where it doesn't belong :) 

I had to tweak with the color settings of the photos. My camera was giving me a boring, navy creme. This polish is far from that! I tried to get it as true to life as I could. I think I did a decent job representing the color. With two coats it dries slightly darker than the color in the bottle. This is no big deal to me. 

Essie No More Film is available now, I got my bottle at Target for around $8.


Perfectly Polished Tips 219 - Essie Pretty Edgy & OPI Jade is the New Black Comparison

Happy Weekend! I just have a quick comparison post for today.

Essie Pretty Edgy and OPI Jade is the New Black

Two more of my favorite polishes, I honestly do wear these often. Pretty Edgy is a lot more on the green side than the OPI. Before using Pretty Edgy for the first time I thought it was going to be a similar jade, if you will, color. After finishing my nails I felt so out of my comfort zone. I was wearing green! I don't wear green polish. After a couple of days though I loved it.

As you can see in the above photo they are nothing alike. Jade is the New Black is on my index and ring finger and Pretty Edgy is on my middle and pinky.

I love them both and I think both are an awesome addition to any polish stash.

 There is still time to enter my Sneekpeeq Giveaway!


Perfectly Polished Tips 214 - Essie Dive Bar & China Glaze Rodeo Fanatic Comparison

Finally the comparison swatches I did a few weeks ago will be posted! I mislabeled a photo and of course I never write things down so I forgot what was what. I need to get better with that. It takes me 9,000 years to upload and edit photos. I really should upgrade from photo bucket.

First up I have Essie Dive Bar and China Glaze Rodeo Fanatic. Both polishes are a gorgeous, shimmery teal. Each has this amazing purple shimmer but it doesn't show on the nail. I think I took a million pictures trying to see if it was possible to capture it. Nope, you can only see it in the bottle.

Dive Bar's base is more blackened than Rodeo Fanatic. They are by no means dupes but similar enough to me that I probably don't need to own both. I like the formula on both polishes, as of late I have been gravitating towards Essie. I'm not sure why, both companies have been putting out some neat colors. I think I prefer Essie's formula and brush overall though.

Rodeo Fanatic on index & ring, Dive Bar on middle & pinkie 

You can see the purple shimmer! Why won't it transfer to the nail?

I'm not sure if Rodeo Fanatic is still available, it was released sometime ago. I saw Dive Bar at Target yesterday so I know that one is current.

Happy Weekend! :)


Perfectly Polished Tips 207 - NOTD Pink Essies

Pink + Glitter + Me = ?

I have not worn a pink polish on my tips in forever. Once I got over the initial blue, green, teal, black, purple, ect are not weird or "goth" colors I never looked back. Pale pinks were once my go to polish. Most of them did not cause all of the damage to my nails to stick out. Plus they weren't "weird."

It's so silly that certain colors are suppose to mean certain things. Like black = goth or a french mani = klassy. I'M NOT KNOCKING the french mani either. Only the french pedi! No No No, everyone should wear what they like.

Back to my NOTD. I spotted Essie A Cut Above at Walmart and she stole my heart. Prior to this polish I did not own any polish with hex glitter or multi sized/shaped glitter. I only had glitter of the normal glitter variety. To be honest I always thought the hex glitter polishes were tacky and "gah, why would anyone wear that?" Now I know. The base color is Essie Skin Deep which is just a pale pink with subtle silver shimmer. Skin Deep was one of the very first polishes I purchased after finding the Nail Board.

I don't think that I'll wear A Cut Above often, it's fun but a little too much for me. I do love the color though, can anyone point me in the direction of a hot pink version?

I also picked up Nicole Kendall on the Katwalk when I got A Cut Above. Another polish I wouldn't usually go for. I fondled Nicole A Rainbow in the Skylie or whatver the rainbow crazy glitter one is called. I need to go back for it.

On a side note, I made it to 2012 and I got a smart phone! I finally figured out how to upload my photos to Picasa straight from my phone. So if this photo looks odd it's because it's a phone pic and I used something other than Photobucket to edit it. I kind of feel like my phone takes better photos than my point and shoot cannon. I need to do some side by side comparisons.

Speaking of comparisons my next few posts will be bottle and swatch comparisons of a few of my favorite polishes. They are all in the teal family - surprise, surprise.

Have you jumped on the glitter train or are you avoiding it? Have a great weekend!


Perfectly Polished Tips 179 - Essie Summer 2011

hey I'm kinda late to the party on this one. I've been busy or maybe just lazy. I love blogging but sometimes I get overwhelmed and feel like it's too much to do. A lot goes into swatching and photographing. Or well a lot goes into it for me because it has to be done around a two year old's schedule. Unfortunately for me nap time was dropped a long time ago. The next couple of posts may be old news for some and I apologize!

Essie has been doing amazing things lately. The collections have had more variety and more colors that I would want to wear. Yea, a lot of times the "safe" pale pinks and reds are included but for this summer collection they did not play it safe.


Meet Me at Sunset

Super Bossa Nova

Smooth Sailing

Too Too Hot

Absolutely Shore

All photos are two coats of polish except for Absolutely Shore which is 3. This collection should still be easy to find.

(these were sent to me for review)


Perfectly Polished Tips 160 - Essie Loves Diamonds by Judith Ripka

A few months ago Essie did a collection with jewelry designer Judith Ripka. The collection consists of three simple but classic shades. Each is infused with diamond dust giving them an ever so subtle shimmer. Apparently 3 bottles have precious stones in the bottom, I have not tried to look in my bottles but I am curious if anyone else has. If you found a jewel let me know!

Put a Ripka Ring on It - a milky pink something Essie does too well! It was streaky, ridge filler would probably help a lot.

Heart to My JR Jewels - sophisticated brown

Queen of Hearts - lovely red, a color you can never have too many of

Essie Loves Diamonds is a limited Edition collection. They do appear to still be for sale on Essie's website. These ones retail for $15 instead of the usual $8.

Thanks Essie for letting me test them out.


Perfectly Polished Tips 152 - Essie Northfork Collection

When I found these in mail box I think my jaw dropped. I could not believe that Essie would release a collection like this. She always seems to play it safe with all of her collections, although we have seen a couple of blues this year. And there is always Starry Starry Nights which is a favorite of mine. All three of these polishes applied beautifully, the photos show two coats each no base or top coat.

Shelter Island is a sky blue creme.

Sag Harbor is a grey-ed baby blue with fine silver shimmer.

Greenport is a soft aquamarine creme that is boarder line jelly. It has a unique finish and my favorite from the collection.

This collection was released in April and was Limited Edition. If you poke around the internet you may still be able to find them.


Perfectly Polished Tips 149 - Essie Neons

I am pretty far behind on my reviews and I apologize, I am trying to catch up. Hopefully I will be able to do so over the next month. I have a ton to share and I will get it posted! One of my resolutions for the Fall school semester was to stop procrastinating and unfortunately I did well for about a day. I am working on it though haha. Anyways on to Essie's summer neon collection.

I've been really impressed with Essie's formula over the past year. It seems to have gotten a little thicker and it covers the nail better. I am an Essie fan though, I like the brush. Neon polishes aren't really my thing. I like the pinks for pedicures but I can't get into yellow and a lot of purples pull too red on me. There is a bigger difference in Flirty Fuchsia and Punchy Pink, these photos were taken with my old camera which obviously sucked at taking any type of photo. Punchy Pink is lighter and all of the colors are brighter. Punchy Pink reminds me of a neon OPI Elephantastic Pink if that helps. Each polish pictured is three coats except for Funky Limelight which is four coats. I did not use a base or top coat. Neons tend to dry matte so if you do not like the matte look don't forget to add a topcoat!


Perfectly Polished Tips 130 - Essie Spring

For spring it appears that Essie went slightly outside of her comfort zone. Among the pale pinks and reds she included a blue, but not just a blue, a blue creme! To be quite honest I don't love this collection, my love for pinks and reds have faded completely. I haven't had a red or pink (especially cremes) lemming in a long time. It's hard to make unique variations of them after a while. I suppose it would be the same for blue as well but for some reason I just can't get enough. Each of these polishes applied amazingly, and Mesmerize wore like iron which isn't usual for me when I wear an Essie. I noticed that with the winter collection as well. No complaints here!

One of a Kind is a tomato red creme.

Lacquered Up is an orange-y red but more so red than orange.

Eternal Optimist is described as spiced tea rose. It's a band aid but better color on me, and a bit more pink in real life. I don't think it looks too great on me though.

Flawless is supposed to be a cherry blossom pink, it's more bubble gum in real life. My camera doesn't pick up pinks well in artificial lighting.

Status Symbol is a tame hot pink. Even though it's been done a million times I know already that this is going to be a favorite spring/summer pedicure color for me.

Mesmerize is royal blue amazing-ness. My favorite from the collection.

Essie spring is currently for sale and should be relatively easy to find. I really want to applaud Essie for coming out with two awesome collections in a row. Winter was brillant with those purples and now with Mesmerize. Maybe one day she'll come up with a collection filled with nothing but jewel toned greens, purples, and blues. You hear that Essie?


Perfectly Polished Tips 121 - Essie Love, Beverly Hills xx

This time Essie teamed up with the Beverly Hills Conference Center and Visitors Bureau to create another red nail polish. This polish is unique though in that it is infused with real 24 karat gold. The polish is very beautiful even if it is not unique. It applied well and does have an amazing glow. Love, Beverly Hills is a Limited Edition item and can be found on However the price is $18. I am an Essie fan however, $18 is a bit steep in my opinion.

I wish Essie would step away from red for a little while and use some of the other amazing colors out there; blues, greens, glitters. The possibilities are endless and yet milky pinks and red show up every time.


Perfectly Polished Tips 119 - Essie Pama

Essie and Pama teamed up to create a polish capturing the lush red of a pomegranate. Pama hosted a give away of the polish, and it went fast. I was surprised that I was able to get one. It's pretty much your run of the mill pink based red creme polish. It applied wonderfully and might even be jelly-ish. If you missed out on this give away don't be disappointed because it's dupe-able. I've been really impressed with Essie as of late, awesome colors, formula, and wear.

As for pomegranate flavored liqueur, I've never tasted it. The website is pretty nifty though and they seem to have some good recipes. Head on over there and explore, Pama Liqueur.


Perfectly Polished Tops 103 - My Top 20 Part II

Here is the other half of my top twenty, in no special order.

Essie Ballet Slippers - my favorite neutral, it's just clean and neat

OPI You Don't Know Jacques - another weird one..honestly I love it purely because it's a creme

SpaRitual Solitude - unique dusty purple and it's a creme

OPI Hollywood & Wine - another classic red

Zoya Yasmeen - this's such a gorgeous color

OPI Don't Know Beets Me - my go to pedicure color

Zoya Nina - looks like chocolate!

CND Blue Blood - only polish I "needed" a back up of

Lippmann Hit Me With Your Best Shot - bold but still wearable

butter London Henley Regatta - this is a pedicure only polish and I usually layer with Color Club Bizerk Turq

Well there you go, a complete list of the polishes I'm currently loving. Anyone else want to share their top picks?


Perfectly Polished Tips 86 - Reader Request

One of my lovely readers asked that I swatch Essie Skin Deep and CND Love Struck. Here you go.

This post made me regret every polish I turned down because of how it looked in the bottle. While it is clear that these two are not dupes they look closer in color in the bottle. Skin Deep is a baby pink with subtle silver shimmer, Love Struck takes on more of a foil finish. Either way I like both of these polishes. Get the CND while you can; CND recently announced that they were discontinuing all except 40 of their shades.


Perfectly Polished Tips 83 - More Pink

This post had started out as me sharing more of my favorite pink polishes but as I was pulling them out of the container I noticed some were very similar. So I turned the post in to here are my favorite pinks and their possible dupes.

Orly Taffy and CND Pink Chrome. Terrible picture but it was the only one that showed the shimmer. Taffy is a bit more on the peach side.

Essie Skin Deep and CND Love Struck. This Essie is my favorite, the CND has bit silver sparkles.

China Glaze Sex on the Beach and OPI Sweet Love at Ferris Wheel. I always thought the OPI was more peachy but I guess I was wrong. Under this lighting the two are pretty much identical. The OPI is also said to be a dupe of OPI Beachen Peachen.

China Glaze Pink Rox-E and OPI Chaple of Love. Pink Rox-E's sparkles are a bit larger and more pronounced.

OPI Passion for NY Fashion and CND Scorch. Some would argue that PfNYF doesn't have a dupe but this CND comes close in my opinion.

Pue Ice Iced Merlot and Urban Decay Big Bang. Not dead on dupes but similar, the Pure Ice can be found at Walmart, the UD is long gone.

Jessica Godiva and OPI My Big Break. These colors are pretty close in real life, right down to the minty green shimmer.

As always if you would like to see anything swatched please ask!