Perfectly Polished Tips 207 - NOTD Pink Essies

Pink + Glitter + Me = ?

I have not worn a pink polish on my tips in forever. Once I got over the initial blue, green, teal, black, purple, ect are not weird or "goth" colors I never looked back. Pale pinks were once my go to polish. Most of them did not cause all of the damage to my nails to stick out. Plus they weren't "weird."

It's so silly that certain colors are suppose to mean certain things. Like black = goth or a french mani = klassy. I'M NOT KNOCKING the french mani either. Only the french pedi! No No No, everyone should wear what they like.

Back to my NOTD. I spotted Essie A Cut Above at Walmart and she stole my heart. Prior to this polish I did not own any polish with hex glitter or multi sized/shaped glitter. I only had glitter of the normal glitter variety. To be honest I always thought the hex glitter polishes were tacky and "gah, why would anyone wear that?" Now I know. The base color is Essie Skin Deep which is just a pale pink with subtle silver shimmer. Skin Deep was one of the very first polishes I purchased after finding the Nail Board.

I don't think that I'll wear A Cut Above often, it's fun but a little too much for me. I do love the color though, can anyone point me in the direction of a hot pink version?

I also picked up Nicole Kendall on the Katwalk when I got A Cut Above. Another polish I wouldn't usually go for. I fondled Nicole A Rainbow in the Skylie or whatver the rainbow crazy glitter one is called. I need to go back for it.

On a side note, I made it to 2012 and I got a smart phone! I finally figured out how to upload my photos to Picasa straight from my phone. So if this photo looks odd it's because it's a phone pic and I used something other than Photobucket to edit it. I kind of feel like my phone takes better photos than my point and shoot cannon. I need to do some side by side comparisons.

Speaking of comparisons my next few posts will be bottle and swatch comparisons of a few of my favorite polishes. They are all in the teal family - surprise, surprise.

Have you jumped on the glitter train or are you avoiding it? Have a great weekend!


Polish lover said...

I like this combo, it looks great..

notsovanilla said...

this look so pretty!

i havent fully jumped onto glitters yet--just cheat and do my pinkies ~