Perfectly Polished Tips 249 - How to Remove a Glitter Bomb

I have been wearing a ton of glitter polish lately and to be honest the reason I used to avoid it was because I hated having to struggle with removing it. The nail community is always coming up with clever ways to remove polish. For a while using foil was very popular, I tried to to do this and failed miserably. Basically you soak a cotton ball in acetone, put it on your nail, and then wrap in foil. For whatever reason when I did this all I accomplished was a mess.

Recently a gal on a nail board I frequent posted about using silicone finger tips. They are meant for filing papers. The premise is pretty much the same as the foil method but you can reuse the tips.

You need:
*something to remove the polish with
*silicone finger tips
*acetone (or your remover of choice)

 I used felt, you can use cotton balls or rounds too.

these are the finger tips - I got them in the section with the pens, pencils, and such. they were a little over $3 

Soak each felt strip, wrap around your nail, and top w/ a finger tip

After 5 minutes I removed every thing & ta da! To remove these bits I just swiped the same piece of felt over my nail a couple of times. No scrubbing required.

After! No more glitter! 

I am really happy to have stumbled upon this method. Previously I was just peeling off the glitter and really doing a number on my nail beds. They were all rough and peely. Hopefully I can nurse my nails back in to better shape now.

Oh! Make sure to moisturize after! This left my cuticles looking a little sad.

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