Perfectly Polished Tips 251 - Polish Revolution Vegan Zombie

Another glitter mani? Seriously I think an alien has taken over my body. I do not think I have ever worn this many glittery manicures in a row. I am enjoying it though, they are different (for me!) and fun. I do think though that the next polish I choose it going to have to be a creme, maybe even a neutral band aid creme.

I posted a link to an etsy shop on my facebook page a couple of days ago. The link was for Polish Revolution, another lovely indie company who is just getting started. Her first releases were all glitter polishes but for my team creme stash I had nothing even remotely similar. The one that really called out to me was called Vegan Zombie. It's a sheer grey base with different sizes of green, teal, and silver hex glitters. I'm a vegetarian and my son is obsessed with zombies. So color aside I knew i *needed* it for the name alone.

I found it to be very sheer, I did a test nail to see how it would look not layered and I still had a very VNL and I'm not a fan of that. I ended up layering it over two coats of Carolyn New York Handball Courts. ( side note: I miss CNY so bad, they are seriously some of my favorite polishes, everything about them is perfection.)

Here is Handball Courts on its own - 2 coats

Here is Vegan Zombie - also 2 coats

Polish Revolution polishes retail for $9 plus shipping. I am not sure when she does her restocks so you may have to email her or just keep an eye on her shop.


Debbie said...

I must order this when she restocks! It is amazing!

AngieP said...

Hey Tink
I tagged you for a Liebster Award!! :)
Thanks for all your awesome blog posts and good luck in the future <3

The Frustrated Fashionista said...

So pretty! I nominated you for an award on my blog! http://thefrustratedfashionista.blogspot.com/2012/08/liebster-award-for-up-and-coming.html