Perfectly Polished Tips 248 - NOTD Lilacquer Schrodinger's Catastrophe

Lilacquer is another new to me brand. The owner/creator mostly does duochrome top coats. That is not really my thing. However she recently announced a new collection called Science! and it is more duochrome topcoats but they are made with hex glitter instead of shimmer. Since I am on such a glitter bomb kick I decided that I could not pass this one up. I believe Lilacquer will be releasing one new polish for the Science! collection each month. Please don't quote me on that though!

Schrodinger's Catastrophe has hex glitter that shifts from blue to aqua to green. It's very pretty and applied very easily. With most glitter polishes you have to dab to get a good coating of glitter, for this polish I applied it like a normal polish. I found that the amount of glitter varied by how much I had wiped the brush before putting it on the nail. I was very happy about that, fishing for glitter makes me sad.

I wore it over 1 coat of Illa bOOsh. It would probably look great over blues and teals too.

with flash to show the green side

I wrote this up and took photos a few days ago when it was cloudy and blogger crapped out on me. Next time I wear this polish I will be sure to get sunshine pics and post them here or on my facebook page.

Lilacquer is available on Etsy and depending on what you buy price ranges from $9-12. This particular polish was $9 plus shipping.

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