Perfectly Polished Tips 121 - Essie Love, Beverly Hills xx

This time Essie teamed up with the Beverly Hills Conference Center and Visitors Bureau to create another red nail polish. This polish is unique though in that it is infused with real 24 karat gold. The polish is very beautiful even if it is not unique. It applied well and does have an amazing glow. Love, Beverly Hills is a Limited Edition item and can be found on Nordstrom.com. However the price is $18. I am an Essie fan however, $18 is a bit steep in my opinion.

I wish Essie would step away from red for a little while and use some of the other amazing colors out there; blues, greens, glitters. The possibilities are endless and yet milky pinks and red show up every time.


Inge said...
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Inge said...

Arrrgh, I accidently delete my comment. Lol, I shall try again: I like the polish, but who does Essie think she is? Coco Chanel? It's very pretty on you though.

Anonymous said...

Love that color on you!!!!