Perfectly Polished Tips 179 - Essie Summer 2011

hey I'm kinda late to the party on this one. I've been busy or maybe just lazy. I love blogging but sometimes I get overwhelmed and feel like it's too much to do. A lot goes into swatching and photographing. Or well a lot goes into it for me because it has to be done around a two year old's schedule. Unfortunately for me nap time was dropped a long time ago. The next couple of posts may be old news for some and I apologize!

Essie has been doing amazing things lately. The collections have had more variety and more colors that I would want to wear. Yea, a lot of times the "safe" pale pinks and reds are included but for this summer collection they did not play it safe.


Meet Me at Sunset

Super Bossa Nova

Smooth Sailing

Too Too Hot

Absolutely Shore

All photos are two coats of polish except for Absolutely Shore which is 3. This collection should still be easy to find.

(these were sent to me for review)

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