Perfectly Polished Tips 149 - Essie Neons

I am pretty far behind on my reviews and I apologize, I am trying to catch up. Hopefully I will be able to do so over the next month. I have a ton to share and I will get it posted! One of my resolutions for the Fall school semester was to stop procrastinating and unfortunately I did well for about a day. I am working on it though haha. Anyways on to Essie's summer neon collection.

I've been really impressed with Essie's formula over the past year. It seems to have gotten a little thicker and it covers the nail better. I am an Essie fan though, I like the brush. Neon polishes aren't really my thing. I like the pinks for pedicures but I can't get into yellow and a lot of purples pull too red on me. There is a bigger difference in Flirty Fuchsia and Punchy Pink, these photos were taken with my old camera which obviously sucked at taking any type of photo. Punchy Pink is lighter and all of the colors are brighter. Punchy Pink reminds me of a neon OPI Elephantastic Pink if that helps. Each polish pictured is three coats except for Funky Limelight which is four coats. I did not use a base or top coat. Neons tend to dry matte so if you do not like the matte look don't forget to add a topcoat!


Paige said...

Those are so fun, I love the yellow one!!!

Lucy said...

Glad that your posting again. I love these pretty shades. I haven't bought any yet! I look forward to more of your reviews and photos. Hope you can make some time for us.