Perfectly Polished Tips 214 - Essie Dive Bar & China Glaze Rodeo Fanatic Comparison

Finally the comparison swatches I did a few weeks ago will be posted! I mislabeled a photo and of course I never write things down so I forgot what was what. I need to get better with that. It takes me 9,000 years to upload and edit photos. I really should upgrade from photo bucket.

First up I have Essie Dive Bar and China Glaze Rodeo Fanatic. Both polishes are a gorgeous, shimmery teal. Each has this amazing purple shimmer but it doesn't show on the nail. I think I took a million pictures trying to see if it was possible to capture it. Nope, you can only see it in the bottle.

Dive Bar's base is more blackened than Rodeo Fanatic. They are by no means dupes but similar enough to me that I probably don't need to own both. I like the formula on both polishes, as of late I have been gravitating towards Essie. I'm not sure why, both companies have been putting out some neat colors. I think I prefer Essie's formula and brush overall though.

Rodeo Fanatic on index & ring, Dive Bar on middle & pinkie 

You can see the purple shimmer! Why won't it transfer to the nail?

I'm not sure if Rodeo Fanatic is still available, it was released sometime ago. I saw Dive Bar at Target yesterday so I know that one is current.

Happy Weekend! :)

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