Perfectly Polished Tips 86 - Reader Request

One of my lovely readers asked that I swatch Essie Skin Deep and CND Love Struck. Here you go.

This post made me regret every polish I turned down because of how it looked in the bottle. While it is clear that these two are not dupes they look closer in color in the bottle. Skin Deep is a baby pink with subtle silver shimmer, Love Struck takes on more of a foil finish. Either way I like both of these polishes. Get the CND while you can; CND recently announced that they were discontinuing all except 40 of their shades.


Anonymous said...

Oh I really like Skin Deep! I've always over looked it.

Dami said...

Skin Deep is my favorite pink I think. It's so girly and delicate. I love it.

Alex said...

OOh, thank you! these are so pretty, I think I like Love Struck a little more.