Perfectly Polished Tips 227 - Bare Naked Nail Challenge Week 7 Update

Still nothing amazing to report. My cuticles aren't as dry this week but my nails seem really ridged and soft. I think for this week I am going to leave nail polish on or even just a treatment like Gelous and see if that helps at all. I have not worn polish in maybe two weeks I think. Or almost two weeks.

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Left Hand

Left Ring

Left Thumb

Right Hand

Right Thumb

If you look at my index finger in the photo of my right hand you can see what I meant in the last post about losing chunks of my nail. Little pieces just seem to come off randomly. I didn't file before taking these because I wanted to show what I was talking about.

The peeling on my thumbs is pretty much gone although it still looks like they were scraped. I'm not too sure what that is all about. At first I thought it was growing out but now it just seems to pop back up in the same spot.

Hopefully I will be back later today with a NOTD Monday post. If not we'll have NOTD Tuesday :)

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