Perfectly Polished Tips 208 - ASK Cosmetics Bare Naked Nail Challenge BEFORE photos

Last month I posted about ASK Cosmetics hosting a Bare Naked Challenge. It's not a contest but more of an experiment. The company chose about 50 people to use TIPS Nail Conditioner and TIPS for Toes for a period of 8-12 weeks. Each participant is encouraged to take weekly photos and notes about the progress their nails are making.

I had been emailing with Lisa and asked her if any spots remained to please let me know and that I would love to participate. My nails have been in horrid shape. You can see how dry they are and they are full of ridges. I still am blaming picking off glitter polish. Even if I were to use remover I feel like it would still scratch them up. (Yes, I tried the infamous foil method and I FAILED...big time).

Here are my before photos, these were taken a couple weeks ago but my nails were in the exact same condition when I started using TIPS for Toes last Saturday (2/11). My cuticles and hands are also in sorry shape. It's sad because I know that could easily be remedied by using oil or lotion but I'm lazy. I figured that knowing that I had to take photos and track my progress would keep me going. Three days in and so far so good! It was so awkward photographing my right hand as I always use my left for swatching LOL.








The products that I will be using for the next 8-12 weeks are:
-TIPS for Toes (yes, on my finger tips, this is formulated for nails that need serious help!)
-TIPS Nail Conditioner (when TIPS for Toes runs out)
-Contour Nail File (this this looks like a torture device! LOL, I am still getting the hang of using it and feel like it's going to be tough because I love my glass file)

My routine thus far has been using TIPS for Toes first thing in the morning followed by some of the hand lotion. Then through out the day I use both the lotion and cleanser together. I have been applying the treatment twice daily. The second time is before dinner, I file then too because they recommend filing daily to keep the nails smooth. Oh, and there is no cuticle pushing allowed! This is going to be the hardest part for me. I have a habit of pushing them back each time I apply oil or cuticle balm. I've had to fight the urge each time I put on the treatment!

I'm three days in like I said and the skin around my nails is looking so much better. I'm excited to see what results this yields in the end. I would love to be able to keep my nails a bit longer and not have to worry about nasty breaks or tearing.

I will be posting my findings weekly and well as weekly photos. They recommend not wearing polish for the duration of the challenge however I think that swatching should be ok due to the fact that nothing will be hardening on my nails. I will wait the prescribed two weeks though because I would like to get the most out of this challenge.

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