Perfectly Polished Tips 226 - Bare Naked Nail Challenge Week 6 Update

Now I know why the schedule a post tool is handy! Last week my son was on spring break and we had guests for the week! I had uploaded photos but never got to sit down and write a post. It was actually kind of nice to be unplugged if you will for the week. I should do it more often, with scheduled posts of course!

I am in week six of the ASK Cosmetics Inc. Bare Naked Nail Challenge. I am still following the rules and am still not seeing the results that I thought I would see. I'm not quite sure what is going on. It's not like my hands are in water or heavy duty cleaning chemicals all day long. I moisturize after I wash my hands. Of course I am going to finish out the challenge just to see what happens. There is still time for change!

There are no thumb photos this week. I took photos w/ my phone cam while waiting for my guests to arrive. I had been running around all day preparing and I had forgotten to take photos for the week! It was almost dark by this point and yea. So lesson learned :)

Before     Week 4
Week 1   Week 5
Week 2
Week 3
Left Hand

Left Ring

Right Hand

It's pretty obvious from these photos that my nails are still dry and the damage on my ring finger seems to be getting worse. I thought it was growing out and improving but it looks like it has just gotten larger. I tried letting my nails grow out to see how they would do. It was a no go. The crack in the ring finger makes the nail very week and I also seem to lose random chunks of my nails.

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