Perfectly Polished Tips 222 - Bare Naked Nail Challenge Week 5 Update

I have hit the half way point of the challenge! I think I had unrealistic expectations of the TIPS for Toes nail conditioner. However, I think my nails have improved from using it daily. My left hand still looks better, I think the only way for righty to catch up would be to not do ANY chores for a week or so. That would be next to near impossible. The nails on my right hand are still growing at the same pace as the ones on my left though. I guess I can trade some rough cuticles for long nails.

Before          Week 4

Left Hand

Left Ring - the damaged spot might be growing? I need to look at past photos.

Left Thumb - peeling is completely GONE!

Right Hand - the cuticles are still so dry

Right Thumb - still dry & peeling

I had nail polish on for a few days during this week. I know that the polish hardens on the nail and prevents the treatment from being absorbed but I think my nails need the extra protection. During most weeks I experience little parts of my nails breaking off. I had none of that this week. I had the polish on from Friday until Monday evening. Unless of course I had no breaks because of my continuous usage of the TIPS for Toes. I will have to go polish-less again and see if I notice a difference.

Goals for this week - continue babying righty. I need to dig out my rubber gloves and wear them while cleaning. I think it would help immensely.

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