Perfectly Polished Tips 211 - Bare Naked Nail Challenge Week 2 Update

This past Saturday marked two weeks into the ASK Cosmetics Bare Naked Nail Challenge. I have noticed a few improvements from last week but still have a long way to go. After last week's post which I believe was on Monday, the nail on my left ring finger split. Instead of getting up and grabbing the clippers, I bit it. :( I am a recovered nail biter! I do have slip ups every now and again. So of course the next logical thing to do was bite them ALL down to the quick. The growth in these photos is over a week's time. I wish I had snapped a picture of them post relapse. I'm pleased that TIPS for Toes is helping in the growth department.

Before Photos
Week One

Left Hand

Left Ring Finger

Left Thumb

Right Hand

Right Thumb

My nails and cuticles were still drinking up TIPS for Toes and the Revival Skin Conditioning Milk in the above photos. I think that I get my hands wet too soon after applying the solution. I've been trying to get up a bit earlier so that I have 15-20 minutes for TIPS for Toes to soak in before I start preparing breakfasts and lunches.

The peeling on my thumbs has cleared up quite a bit. I thought that it was just because they were freshly moisturized but even looking at them now they are a lot better than last week. I still have dry skin around my cuticles, I actually filed some off of the tips of my fingers because I couldn't stand it anymore. I have not pushed my cuticles back since starting the challenge. I am very impressed with myself. I have been tempted many times. They seem to be settling in and doing their own thing.

The damage on my left middle finger is taking forever to grow out. I cannot even recall what I did to cause it. I must have jammed it or something. Their is a tiny split in the white part again, I am going to be more diligent about filing so I do not encounter another break!

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