Perfectly Polished Tips 209 - Bare Naked Nail Challenge Week 1 Update

I have a few polish posts planned, however life got in the way last week. That and upon starting one of the posts I discovered that my photos weren't labeled properly. I didn't have a free second to sit and redo them. I will get those up this week for sure! Whoever coined the term "terrible twos" was NOT joking. This kid is going to have me gray before I hit 25!

Before Photos

Week one of the ASK Cosmetic's Bare Naked Nail Challenge is done. Things were going really well until about Thursday; up until that point I had been applying TIPS for Toes twice a day and my nails and cuticles were looking great. Then Thursday-Saturday I only applied it in the morning, mostly because things came up in the evening and my hands and nails had been exposed to water too close to bed time. It went down hill from there. I'm dried out again and the peeling on my thumbs seems to be worse. I wonder if this is one of those things that gets worse before it gets better. I am using the cleanser and lotion often so my hands are still in decent shape.

I am kind of getting the hang of using the Contoured nail file. I think I watched the youtube how-to video about 20 times already. It is clear in the photos that the filing is not going well at the moment. I am going to cut all of my nails down today though because of the peeling. I also have some type of injury to my left ring nail, it looks like the ridge extended right up to the white part of my nail. There is a small crack in it, I tried to photograph it but I am not sure if it will be visible as it is pretty tiny.

Left Hand

Left Ring - you can see the damaged part and the tiny crack

Left Thumb

Right Hand

Right Thumb

Those are my nails after one week of TIPS for Toes nail conditioner plus the Skin Milk and cleanser. My nails feel stronger but I don't trust growing them out just yet. I'm probably going to cut them down weekly until a majority of the splitting and peeling grow out.

The nail conditioner has a weird scent, I can't put my finger on what it smells like exactly. Celery is one thing that comes to mind but I know that isn't it. The smell fades very quickly though so it's not a big deal. The cleanser and lotion don't have much of a scent at all. I think that is my favorite part, I don't want to apply smelly things to my hands all day!

TIPS for Toes is an oil but it soaks in very quickly, it's not runny either which is a plus. The routine does not take long at all. I keep the soap and lotion next to my bathroom sink and applying the TIPS for Toes has become second nature in the morning.

My goals for this week are to apply twice a day because I really feel like that helped a lot. I have also been trying to drink more water and remember my multi vitamin but those are still a work in progress!


Sarah said...

I am doing the challenge too - I think that it smells like pine needles :)

Dami said...

That could be it! I still can't place the scent.