Perfectly Polished Tips 212 - LA FRESH Acetone Free Polish Removing Wipes

I am usually an acetone user and I buy that acetone in bulk because I go through it so quickly. My usual remover was really drying out my nails and the skin around my nails so when I was offered the chance to try LA Fresh nail wipes I jumped at it. LA Fresh is committed to making products that are better for the earth. They use biodegradable packaging and gentle ingredients.

The nail wipes moisturize with aloe, glycerin, and vitamin E.They are free of parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals, acetone, acetate, dyes, PEGs, artificial fragrance, and animal by products.They make a nice choice for someone who is trying to be green(er), I also like them for my daughter. I usually wait until her polish wears off on it's own because I don't want to use harsh acetone on her baby skin. With these I feel comfortable taking off her polish.

Unlike most nail polish remover this smells amazing. The website says they are infused with natural Tuscan orange aromatherapy. They have a fresh, citrus-y scent that it not over powering at all.

The wipes are decently sized and the packaging claims that one wipe is enough for all 10 nails (or toe nails). My first time using them I decided to see if they could stand up to the ultimate test, removing glitter. I had to use two wipes but all of my Nicole Kendall on the Katwalk pedicure was completely removed at the end. My arms weren't sore from scrubbing and I was not left gasping for fresh air. Ok, so the last part is usually my fault. My polish stuff is in the walk in closet and most times it easier (ie i'm lazy) to plop down on the floor near my Helmer than to find a well ventilated area.

Overall I really like these wipes, I feel like they are on the expensive side (18 for about $10) so I would probably save them for travel or on simple manicures that don't need hard manual labor to be removed. I have always been skeptical about nail wipes, especially acetone free ones because in my experience they never fully remove the polish. I was pleasantly surprised when I used these. The company also offers make up removal wipes I want to try those next.

You can purchase LA Fresh Acetone Free Nail Polish remover from LAFreshGroup.com.

(these were sent for review)

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