Perfectly Polished Tips 263 - Zoya Ornate

For the upcoming winter season Zoya has release Ornate. A set of six jewel toned polishes. There is one bar glitter, two foil/microglitter, and three with holographic glitter. When I saw preview pictures from fashion week I was really excited about this collection. It is no secret that holographic polish is loved dearly by the nail community but it seems like something companies don't often put out. I don't love the holos as much but I had high hopes for Storm.

Usually I love the formula on Zoyas polishes but the holographic ones kind of stunk IMO. Storm and Aurora were on the thin side and needed three coats for pretty much full coverage. I think that I would have been better off layering them over an opaque polish. Blaze had better coverage but was still not as opaque as Zoya's describes. I didn't have any issues with Ziv or Logan, but after looking back at my photos I wish I would have used three coats of polish instead of two.

Electra is silver holographic bar glitter. I am not a fan of bar glitter, it reminds me of little hairs or something. For those of you who do like it the formula was nice. I brushed on the first coat and dabbed on the second. I had originally planned on putting one coat of this over each of the other polished but it made such a mess when I removed it that I decided against it. sorry!

Ziv is a cool toned gold with more gold micro glitter. This polish is amazing, finally a gold that I love. Every time a company puts out a gold I rush to get it only to decide that I don't like it because it's too yellow. I am wondering how this compares to OPI Dazzled by Gold. I missed out on the OPI and I have been on the look out for it ever since.

 Logan is a gorgeous forest green that is infused with gold mirco glitter. It pulled very blue on me but it's green IRL. I'm not really big on green polish but this one is a keeper.

Storm is a black holographic polish. It's a lovely polish but like I said above I didn't love the formula. It was thin and sheer. I do think though that layering it would make it worth it. I know there are other black holo polishes out there but aside from this and OPI MPJ I haven't tried them.

Blaze is a plum toned holo polish. This one was very easy to apply, I'm meh about the color. Plums/berry tones seem to be a favorite of Zoyas and I hate it. I wish they would have done a blue or a really rich, deep purple instead of this.

Aurora is a purple holo polish and while it's pretty it's over done. I did find this one to be the most holo packed or at least the color that showed the holographic-ness the most. The formula on this was similar to Storm and again I would suggest layering.

Overall it's a neat collection, very fun for the holidays or for holo lovers. I am happy to have found a gold polish that I love!

Ornate is available now on Zoya.com. Polishes retail for $8 each or you can purchase the entire collection for $48.

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