Perfectly Polished Tips 262 - Lemming Fulfilled

Before I get to today's polish post I just wanted to say thanks for entering my giveaway! I love hosting them. I have emailed both winners and will be sending their polish grab bags out soon :)


Every once in a while I will come across a polish that I HAVE to have. It doesn't matter if there may be something similar out there, I need the real thing. A few years ago OPI did an Alice in Wonderland collection with a gorgeous blue polish. At the time I had no internet access and no stores with polish near by. I missed out on the entire collection and tried to just forget about it. I let it go for a while but I just could not forget about Absolutely Alice. I don't do ebay, I can't. I will put a polish on my wish list and let it sit for years in hopes of it somehow finding it's way to me. Recently I was lucky enough to have a bottle of Absolutely Alice find its way to me. I put it on immediately and I never want to take it off. I have the tiniest chip on the middle finger of my right hand but I am seriously considering doing a touch up and more top coat. That is how in love I am with it.

This is two coats of Absolutely Alice over one coat of Jessica King Tut's Gem. I don't think the Jessica was really needed but I wasn't sure about opaqueness and I didn't want to do too many coats of the OPI.

So many thanks to the lovely lady who swapped with me and sent this polish!

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