Perfectly Polished Tips 264 - Catch Up

This time of the year is always busy, my nails get neglected, my stash goes mostly untouched. The sun is rare for photo taking, and I usually acquire way more polish than I could ever possibly keep up with. :) I am considering doing the Advent Calendar Nail Art Challenge that Kristi from Happy Hands Nail Polish made.

I am not great at nail art or challenges but I will try.

Even though I have not been polishing my nails I have been trying to keep them safe from the cooler weather. NC is weird, it hasn't actually been cold here yet. Or well not cold to me, I will take these 63 degree days all winter long. I know using Lansinoh for keeping cuticles nice has been very popular among the nail community. I just got a tube of my own to see what the hype was. It actually works really well and quickly. I had a few rogue cuticles that I had been picking at and after one application of the Lansinoh they were looking a lot better. They had softened up enough for me to forget they were there, so I stopped picking and chewing them. I will definitely be adding this to my nail care routine.

See you soon with my first manicure from the Advent Calendar Nail Challenge!

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beachgal said...

Also have not hit cool weather yet where I live - I was in shorts last Sunday. We had a lot of rain but on the northern central coast of Cali but seems summer has lasted and lasted. I have noticed the past 2 weeks some dry skin so I need to start my heavier moisture routine. I hydrate my nails and cuticles like crazy all yr to keep them from peeling or getting thin so that part does not change for me. I am in the big old city of LA now doing a get ready for chemo and surgery stuff - a whole world of shopping here that I don't have at home and not feeling up to going out and dealing with the traffic or oomp at all. I broke my glass nail file and went to get a new one at a little beauty supply 2 blocks from here.It's loaded with every shade Essie makes and all the OPIs - I have seen em all before and did not even look or feel tempted...ugh! Guess I will save a ton of $ which is good - I will be needing it to cover my share of the next round of med expenses. Folks here in LA think it's cool now - mid to upper 60s and are running around in boots and sweaters! I am roasting here and in dress and sandals.