Perfectly Polished Tips 238 - A few of my Favorite Things

You know I used to love summer vacation, until I had kids LOL. To me summer should = relaxing and that is not going down over here! I have still been polishing and snapping photos but my computer time has been slightly limited. Jokes aside I really do love spending time with my family, especially my kids. I have photos to edit and some posts to write, the blog might be just be put on the back burner until school starts up again. 

I did want to share a few beauty/nail related things that I am absolutely loving right now. I love when I find holy grail products and I always wonder how I lived so long with out them! In no particular order:

1. Goody Spin Pins - I use these every day. I have longish, thick, curly/wavy hair and the pins hold it all in. I don't even need to use a hair tie before making the bun. I have also been wearing them while I run and my hair stays put the entire time. If my hair is behaving really well I even can get some second day hair by wearing these to sleep. I make a bun way up on the top of my head, my hair is slightly layered so a few pieces near my nape may fall out but the rest stays secure.

2. Aveeno Smart Essentials Daily Detoxifying Scrub - I got a sample of this in the most recent Target beauty bag. My face is picky but I decided to give it a shot anyways, I love it. It's oil free and soap free which my skin seems to love. The scrubbing particles are very small and have not given me any irritation. My skin is not dry feeling after and it makes my face super soft! I don't love the smell but it fades fast. I will be purchasing a full size tube once my sample tube runs out.

3. Pahlish Nailpolish - Pahlish is hand mixed by Shannon, who is an absolute doll. I am completely in love with her polishes right now. I have photos of Dark Parades and Train Underwater, I will post them ASAP. I know I have always stated that I am a glitter hater, well Pahlish has converted me. I cannot wait to grab a few more.

4. Mermaid Hair - Another etsy find. This stuff is like surf spray and I love how my hair looks when I use it. It gives me more of the right kind of volume. Curly girls usually try to avoid big hair, but this stuff gives me big hair without making it look like it's trying to take over the world. My favorite thing about this spray is that it can be reactivated with water. On days that I don't feel like wetting my hair and starting from scratch I can just dampen my hands and scrunch my hair. You only need a tiny bit too, the price tag is kind of steep (for me!!) but I have been using it daily for over a month and it's still pretty much full.

5. c.Booth 4-in-1 Multi-Action Body Lotion - I purchased this stuff on a whim one day. It contains alpha hydroxy acids which I have always read are good for KP. I have KP on the backs of my arms and no matter what I do I can't seem to get rid of it. Since I started using this daily my arms are 95% clear. I think there is some scarring because I do pick at it sometimes. I know horrible habit :(  I have the vanilla scented one and it's subtle. It makes my skin soft and it's not greasy.

What are you guys currently loving? Anything I need to try?

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