Perfectly Polished Tips 235 - NOTD Monday! Nicole by OPI Khloe Had a Little Lam Lam

I have never watched any of the Kardashian shows, but I have read about them on my guilty pleasure; ONTD. I am not a fan at all but I must admit I do like quite a few of the colors they created with OPI. I don't usually purchase Nicole by OPI polishes because I hate the bottle shape. I know it is supposed to make polishing easier but it messes up order in my Helmer. Things don't fit as well and yea.

Anyways I caved on the Nicoles & the Kardashian Kolors. (I also hate all the "K" business but I will keep my rants to myself.) As I have shared before on the blog I love teal nail polish. I am also on "Team Creme" so that made Khloe Had a Little Lam Lam doubly enticing. I absolutely hate the name of this polish, keep your cutesy nick names to yourself! The polish applied wonderfully and wore very well. I really like Nicole brushes and wish OPI would have never gone Pro Wide.

This is two coats of color & top coat. I really love this polish even if I do already own a few in the same vein. I wear this color pretty often so I don't mind the extra :)

On a side note I have not clipped my nails at all since ending the ASK Cosmetics Bare Naked Nail Challenge. I am still using the TIPS for Toes but not religiously and filing with the Contour file daily has really helped lessen snags and the pieces that had been off. I'm really happy with the progress but I don't know if I am meant to have long nails! They look so elegant but I keep stabbing my kids. I am also terrified that I am going to catch one on something and have a horrible break. I wanted to do a neutral manicure because that is something I rarely do and I thought it would look nice on longer nails. The color combo I chose was a big fail, so I am trying to decide weather to do another neutral mani or nubbinize and do something fun.

I do have pictures of the neutral mani but it rained here today so I am not sure how they turned out, if they are decent I will share. I will also do a mini TIPS conditioner update with naked nail pics before I clip them.

Have a good week!

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