Perfectly Polished Tips 234 - Gorgeous Nail Polish for Summer

Gorgeous Nail Polishes for Summer

Summer is coming, which means it is time to stock up on new shades of polish! Summer's trends are bright and fun, but also classy. Well, they're definitely fun anyway ;).

When I was learning how to do nail art, I was afraid of using too much green because it is such a bold color. But that is also why I am really into the color green this summer! Green has been a hot color all year, but this summer's shades are a little bit brighter than army green. Pistachio and lime shades are a great choice.

Green polish is better when it's more opaque, like Navigate Her by Essie. This color doesn't require so many coats and it is perfect for drawing apples and trees! It also looks beautiful on its own. Another green shade I really like is RGB Cosmetics nail polish. It is a little more pastel than Pistachio, but I think it is also softer. These green nailpolishes look great with or without shiny topcoat.

Neon hues are also gorgeous in the summer sun. Green is natural, but neon is sure to stand out! My favorites are by Butter London. They've created so many beautiful neon shades by mixing the bright colors with pure white. The look is a little more classy this way. Like most Butter nail polishes, it also lasts a long time without chipping. The only problem is it is not bright enough for my taste when it comes to doing nail art details.

A cosmetology school teaches how to use neon so that it doesn't clash too much. I think the brighter shades like Dior Pink Graffitti are also some of my favorites for summer. The color is so flashy and would really make those green shades pop!

I am going to go put on a new coat of green with a pink design now.


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