Perfectly Polished Tips 206 - Saving Winter Cuticles

Fall and winter are horrible on my skin. It probably doesn't help that I never moisturize consistently ever. I don't get it, I know that using oil or lotion will help the gross situation on my hands and I just don't do it. Minds are crazy things. I wanted to share my favorite products that give great results.

Cuticle Removal -
If it's been awhile and your cuticles are over grown and just plain nasty I recommend trying Blue Cross cuticle remover. I get mine from Sally's, it's a white liquid that you apply to your cuticles and then wash away. I can't remember if they carry a smaller bottle but the one I got was huge. I suggest either decanting some into an empty nail polish bottle and using the brush to apply or some type of bottle with a dropper. This stuff is pretty powerful so make sure not to use it too often or leave it on for too long. I usually use it once every two weeks and leave it for about a minute.

Another product I love is Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Cuticle and Nail Refiner. It's pretty much an exfoliator for your finger tips. If my cuticles are looking really rough I use this after the Blue Cross remover.

Usually my next step is pushing back my cuticles but I recently read that this is no good. Cuticles are there to protect your nail beds and when you push them back you are exposing the nail bed. Now what? I would like to hope that moisturizing alone will remedy this but I am not so sure. Any thoughts?

Treatment -
CND Cuticle Eraser will always be a favorite of mine. It's made up of AHAs which help to dissolve all of the dry, yucky skin. For a while I was only able to get this online and when my nail polish purchasing decreased it was silly to spend an insane amount on shipping for a tube of it. Luckily someone told me about a brand that Sally's carried. I can't find it on their web site but it was the same deal as Cuticle Eraser, AHA cream. It looks like Sally's has a Poshe AHA cream that is probably similar.

Moisture -
Currently I have been using Badger Balm for cuticles which I picked up with an Apothica.com order a few months ago. It's not overly greasy and it doesn't really have a scent which I like. Burt's Bees Lemon cuticle balm is also nice. As is LUSH Lemony Flutter. For the first time ever I live near a LUSH store so I am super excited to head over there one of these days.

Oils are another great option for keeping cuticles soft. I recently picked up Josie Maran Argan oil. I use it mostly for my face but it is very nice on the nails/hands. Extra Virgin unrefined coconut oil is another top pick of mine. I actually use this on my entire body. One facebooker told me that they liked almond oil to treat their dry cuticles. EVOO is another option.

I hate lotions, I cannot find one that won't break out my face. What does hand lotion have to do with my face you ask? Well I am a constant face toucher, all the time and I cannot break myself from the habit. I even tried wearing foundation in hopes that it would help me stop. Nope, I quit wearing foundation because some nights I'm too lazy to wash my face before bed (WHAT!?!). Yes, maybe that has something to do with my face break outs too.

I will tolerate Eucerin Dry Skin Therapy plus Intensive Repair hand lotion. It sinks in quickly and is pretty long lasting, usually I still feel smooth 2 or 3 hand washes later. I'm also loving Weleda Skin Food. It's very thick so I try to apply it before bed.

Although I am no longer an avid participant of the MUA Nail Board I do read there from time to time. Lately the ladies over there have been raving about Lansinoh Lanolin, the stuff many women use while breastfeeding. This stuff is very greasy though and can stain so while it may work very well I'd be weary about getting on my clothing. I haven't personally tried this but lanolin is supposed to be awesome all around so it's probably worth a shot.

Those are some of my favorite products, not necessarily just for fall and winter but year round. Hopefully they help out any one in need of some cuticle pampering!

Did I forget anything? What are your favorite cuticle care items?


Pinque Scrapbooking said...

yes could you possible help me with the decision to keep nail polish off of my toes in the winter or keep them polished? They are a bit yellow / stained from always having polish on - so does having no polish on for a while help clear this up?

Dami said...

There is something called Bubble White at Sally's that helps with removing the yellow stains. I've heard of people soaking in bleach or lemon juice. I've never done either though. Also denture cleaner and whitening toothpaste, again I have not tried either method.

Lightly buffing can also help remove some stains.

Leaving the polish off for a bit should help to clear it up. I keep mine polished year round mostly because I enjoy it.

Do you use a base coat before doing your toes?

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