Perfectly Polished Tips 205 - CARGO Laguna Blush

This is my (sad) attempt at reviewing makeup with photos. Some bloggers have beautiful swatches or are amazingly made up using the product they are reviewing. Unfortunately you won't find that here, yet? I could practice maybe. My lack of photography and make up application skills have been stopping me from posting make up reviews. Hopefully this post isn't terrible :)

Before I found my love of polish I loved blush. It's such an easy product to use and can make a huge difference in your face. Benefit Dandelion was my gate way drug, since then I have been hooked. For the longest time though I stuck to light pinky or peachy colors that just barely tinted my skin. Recently I was jonesing for a new blush and I decided that I should branch out and try something new.

CARGO Laguna is a bright coral blush and way out of my comfort zone. The first time I tried I used way too heavy of a hand and looked absolutely ridiculous! I was able to rub some off and while it was still a bit much for me I gave it a chance. I am in love with it. I wear very minimal make up. The rest of my look consists of black mascara, black liner, Boscia BB cream, and some Jack Black balm. Laguna brightens up my face and gives a slight pop of color.

I used a bit more product in the swatches than I would at my face. I was trying to show the color but my skin kind of looks rug burned LOL. You can see the vibrant, tropical color in the shot of it in the pan though.
I love CARGO's packaging, it's so sleek and simple. It's east to open and nice to look at.

I purchased this from Apothica.com but it can be found at CargoCosmetics.com and Sephora.com as well.

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