Perfectly Polished Tips 173 - Wah Nails & Motel Rocks Competition

Motel Rocks is a clothing company offering unique and edgy clothing for women. (they carry Model's Own nail polish as well!) Motel Rocks is partnering with Wah Nails and running a competition. Wah Nails is a company that specializes in original nail art. I've been over on the site and they have a lot of nifty designs.

Wah Nails has made a bunch of designs based on Motel Rocks clothing. The company is holding the competition to promote their site and their new designs. To enter head over to Motel Rock's facebook page "like" them and then identify the pieces of clothing that the nail designs are based upon. In the end ten lucky ladies will be allowed to choose one piece of clothing of their choice as a prize.

Here are the designs:

The contest starts today, May 16 2011. I am not 100% on the end date but I will try to find it and report back. Good Luck!

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