Perfectly Polished Tips 172 - PMD Personal Microderm System

This is the PMD Personal Microderm System. This little tool is used for at home microdermabrasion. It is a nice alternative to fitting appointments into your schedule and costs a whole lot less. This device uses the same aluminum oxide crystals as the high tech pro machines. It is supposed to smooth out the skin while diminishing age spots and other signs of aging.

For the best results a cell renewal or skin resurfacing cream should be used along with the treatment. The creams are meant to enhance the outcome of the treatment. Before using the PMD Personal Microderm System it is very important that you watch the instructional DVD that comes along with it. You need to take precautions and be sure to not apply to much pressure to the area you are working on.

The tool comes with two different types of exfoliating discs in two sizes. A larger one for area such as the cheeks and chest, and a smaller one for harder to reach areas. The blue grit is for sensitive skin and the green is slightly more coarse. PMD also offers a coarse disk for tough areas.

I got to test out the PMD Personal Microderm System and while it is supposed to be very simple to use I was not able to get the hang of it. The instructions say to pull the skin tight and very lightly apply the tool. You are to move back and forth across the skin. The tool has a bit of suction which I believe it supposed to remove the dead skin cells off of your face. When I attempted to use it the tool got stuck to my face leaving a not so great result.

(photo credit goes to my 5 year old)

As you can see on my cheek the tool left behind some mean scrapes. This was a couple of days after I had used it. I emailed Skincarerx.com's help center and was told that I was probably not pulling my skin tight enough. Makes sense so against my better judgement I tried again but this time on my knee. I still could not get the hang of it and again was left with some scrapes. It is possible that I am just not coordinated enough to hold my skin with one hand. After using it I did have a tiny bit of pain, almost like a sun burn and my skin was pink. Nothing terrible.

I think that this tool could be very useful but it does have a learning curve. I was very lucky to have only gotten a few minor scrapes. I watched the instruction video several times, I had it on during my first attempt. To be honest I feel like the woman in the video does not have her tool turned on because I could not get it to glide across my skin like that, even when I did have proper suction.

I may give this product another go in the future. I really feel like my skin could benefit from a tool such as this, I just wish it were easier to use.

The PMD Personal Microderm System can be purchased on SkinCareRx.com and retails for $179.

(this was sent to me for review)

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Talia said...

how long did your red marks last for? i just got the pmd today and tried it and the same thing happened to me!! I'm so worried it will last for a long time. help!