Perfectly Polished Tips 171 - Systeme 41 Gentle Purifying Cleanser

Systeme 41 is a line of all natural skin care products. Their products do not contain any harsh surfactants or detergents. They are free of parabens, gluten, mineral oil, and all artificial colors and fragrance. They also do not test on animals which is always nice.

I have the most fickle skin ever. I find something that works amazingly for a couple of months and then I am back to square one. I do get minor breakouts, I have an oily T-zone, and my cheeks are usually very dry. I got to try out the Gentle Purifying Cleanser. It is made up of a blend of amino acids, coconut oil, and sunflower oil as well as almond oleosomes to rehydrate your skin. I've been using it for a little over a month now and I'm really liking it.

The cleanser is a cream that is slightly on the thick side but it does not feel greasy. It rinses easily and clean. My skin does feel dry after washing but I think that might be due to the benzoyl peroxide I use to help with break outs. My face looks smoother and a lot more refreshed after using the cleanser. My break outs have been less frequent as well. This product also does a great job at removing make up. I try to make my self use eye make up remover before washing my face but ehh, so many steps. I am not very high maintenance so the less time I can spend and the least amount things I have to use the better. It even takes off all of my mascara, it's not a water proof formula though.

I love the packaging, it comes in a pump bottle. I guess that is really personal preference but I am one of those people who would like it if everything came in a pump bottle. For me it's easy, the bottle stays clean. The perfect amount of product is dispensed as well. The bottle is 6 oz, I've been using it 1x a day for a little over a month and am about a quarter of the way through it.

The only downfall to this product, for me, is the price. $39.95 for a 6 oz bottle. The website does offer a slight discount if you purchase more than one at a time. I do not think I would be okay with spending $40 on a cleanser that I was not sure that I would like.

Overall I really like this product and am going to continue using it for as long as it keeps playing nice with my skin.

(this was sent to me for review)

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lisa cocuzza said...

Thank you Dami for a thorough honest review. Have you tried any other products from the line?