Perfectly Polished Tips 151 - Adovia Mineral Hand Cream

I am always looking for lotions, creams, and oils to make my hands soft. Especially in the upcoming fall and winter months my hands and cuticles get really dry. Not to mention I haven't been the best at keeping up with cuticle maintenance. I recently had the opportunity to try out Adovia's Mineral Hand Cream. It is made from Dead Sea Minerals and Shea Butter as well as Aloe Vera and Chamomile. I noticed a huge difference in my hands and nails after one use, my hands were softer and my ragged cuticles looked some what presentable. The lotion isn't greasy which I like and there is no over powering scent. In my opinion it doesn't have much of a scent at all which is always nice.

I was recently on vacation and got slightly sunburned, I grabbed this lotion instead of my Burt's Bees After Sun lotion accidently and I was pleasently surprised. My sun burn instantly felt better and it took away the uncomfortable itching and hot feeling. At the time I had not realized that the lotion contained Aloe Vera so I was surprised until I turned the bottle over and read the ingredients list. So it does have multiple uses!

The only downside (maybe) to the product is the price. A 3.4 oz bottle will run you $16 USD. I guess for some it may be worth the price for some. I really like the lotion but I think I would probably try to find a cheaper alternative before shelling out the 16 bucks but that is just me.

Adovia Mineral Hand Cream is a favorite beauty product of Claudia Jordan. Miss Jordan was previously Miss Rhode Island and was one of the models on the TV show Deal or No Deal. Currently she has her own radio show. This lotion can retails for $16 USD and can be found at Adovia Spa.


Annelie said...

I can recommend Lush's "helping hands" or "handy gurugu". Helping hands has made my hands so much better - they're soft as silk, as opposed to almost bleedig from dryness..

Lucy said...

I recommend L'occitane's Lavender Ultra Rich Body Creme. I can't remember the price since it was a TSV from QVC. It was a great deal and had other products in it. But the creme is so thick and rich. Also not greasy and smells lovely. You need only a tiny tiny amount to feel the benefit.