Perfectly Polished Tips 150 - Zoya Truth Fall 2009

For this upcoming fall season Zoya put out two collections. Truth is made up of six, gorgeous shimmery polishes. I will have up it's counterpart Dare early next week. Dare contains the creme shades. The photos following the review have the warm/yellow tint, I was not able to figure out how to edit them and make them look normal. I have been trying to do all my swatching in the sun when possible so future photos will hopefully look better. As I mentioned in my last post I am so far behind, a lot of my photos have already been taken and uploaded I just have not written the review. So please bare with me while I catch up.

Salma is a warm scarlet red with a metallic finish.

Drew is a mauvey rose and is more pink in real life. It's not as brown as this photo shows.

Anaka is a fuchsia pink metallic with purple undertones. It even has a slight glass flecked shimmer look. This is the stand out polish from this collection for me.

Kalmia is a rosey copper with a metallic finish. I often have issues with metallics and their brush strokes, it was most apparent to me with Kalmia, but nothing too terrible.

Penny is a coppery gold mettalic. It is not as orange in real life.

Isla is a deep venetian red metallic. I think it's a must have for red lovers.

The Truth collection is up for sale on Zoya's website right now. Overall it's not my type of collection. I love cremes and as of late I have been wearing a lot of purples and blues. Zoya does do golds well though and one day I'll stop being a baby and wear one!


Anonymous said...

Anaka is hot! Oh my I think I need that one!

Lucy said...

I have several of these polishes. I know I have Penny but my mind is gone at this point. They are all so pretty on you. Isla is a beauty. I hope I have this one. I got the three free deal with Twitter.