Perfectly Polished Tips 113 - Zoya Kalista

For the long holiday weekend we went to visit family. I was worried about my polish chipping but didn't want to be bothered with bringing my manicure supplies. I put on Zoya Kalista and decided I would just deal with any mishaps. To my surprise and delight Kalista lasted a whole week. I applied it last Tuesday and removed it today to swatch some new polishes.

Here is photo from earlier this afternoon. I had one tiny chip on my left thumb but other than that all I had was some tip wear.

I was surprised because I've never had a Zoya wear this well for me. I used Color Club Vita Base and Out the Door top coat. When I first started getting serious about my nails I would worry about chipping and it would always happen with in 2-3 days. Finally I stopped worrying and decided it wouldn't be the end of the world if I walked around with a chipped, or *gasp* naked nails for a couple of days. Now I get awesome wear out of pretty much all of my polishes. I don't think it's the base coat because before that I was using Lippmann Hydrating and I got great results as well. Maybe it's Out the Door.

I just wanted to share because I love Zoya polish but always shy away from using them because I don't have as much time to change my polish as often as I used too.


Media Moll said...

I read that because Zoya is Big3 free, you have to use a base that is the same. I just ordered Kalista I plan to make this my holiday color.

Brooke said...

I did the same thing, as in I painted my nails really good before I headed out of town for vacation. I was super suprised how long it lasted. I assumed that it was because of my base coat, since I hardly ever use a base coat because I change my nail polish so often.