Perfectly Polished Tips 114 - Piggy Polish Part 1

Piggy Polish is a new brand to me. As I don't have an Ulta or any little beauty supplies around here (that I know of anyways). You can order from their website though, www.PiggyPolish.com. All of the polishes applied really well, I wasn't crazy about the brush. I think the stem was a weird length; not as long as BB Couture but not as short as Zoya. It was just strange to me. These polishes look great after two coats but three makes the shimmer just pop. The website has a color chart up but they aren't accurate so I pretty much picked the colors based on names.

You're Blue-tiful is a sheer, shimmery sea green. This is three coats. I have this on my toes right now, but I have China Glaze For Audrey underneath.

You're Blue-tiful with flash.

Something Blue is a metallic blue with amazing blue shimmer. It's not quite as bright as the picture above but it's a beautiful color.

Something Blue with flash.

Blue Me Away is a slate blue color with a light blue shimmer. It's a pretty interesting color, it looks grey in some lights and blue in other. The shimmer is pretty subtle. This picture is three coats.

Blue Me Away with Flash.

Piggy Polish retails for $6 on thier website and at Ulta.


Brooke said...

These all have such different looks with the flash! I really liked that middle one, but with the flash - not so much, lol!

Dami said...

yea, i hate that there hasn't been much sun and my lights aren't working as well as they used too. obviously the shimmer doesn't look like that in normal lighting haha.