Perfectly Polished Tips 112 - A Gift for the Polish Addict on Your List

Rescue Beauty Lounge is currently offering a library of 47 nail polishes for the holiday season.

"For the girl who THOUGHT she had everything: The Rescue Beauty Lounge Nail Polish Library-Limited Edition. Yes. The works. Forty-Seven gorgeous shades from the palest taupe to a ruby-infused black and of course secret weapon Base Coat Prep, Base Coat and Top Coat. Plus the "sold out before they ever hit the shelves" Bruised (a plummy brown or a brownish plum), the sophisticated blue-green Teal and No More War, a peace-loving olive green."

This retails for $750, which saves you $150. You can check out RescueBeauty.com for more details. Also RBL has free shipping, so even if this deal doesn't appeal to you, now would be the time to make an order!

Sorry I have been MIA! Between the holiday and the end of the semester I've been busy. I have some stuff to share and will be back posting next week. I hope you all had a great holiday & enjoy the weekend!


Anonymous said...

I wish I could. I really want to just to say I did. The thing that stops me besides the total price is what would I do with all that beige?

Dami said...

diana-yea, i wish you could pick & choose. but really $750? you know what else i could do with that type of money? LOL.

Brooke said...

$750!!!!!!! lol, thats all I can say, $750.00

redrunner said...

wow, how i would love that. too bad its $750.