Perfectly Polished Tips 109 - Franken Polish Extravaganza

A posts back I wrote about how if there was a smokey orange polish, a la Metro Chic and Parlez- vous OPI? that I would wear orange. I attempted to make one and got this:

I used CND Feista as well as a grey franken. I did orange first and then the grey. I then added a bit of Color Club Heart to Heart which is an orange based red.

It's not as brown in real life, think of the Crayola burnt orange crayon. That is one, right?

Any ideas of what to do to improve it? I think I need to add a whole lot more orange. Or does anyone know of an easily accessable smokey orange polish that already exists? I would prefer a creme but I suppose it doesn't really matter.

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Brooke said...

There is another blog that I read, and this lady is the franken queen. And I think she just did a color similar to this. Anyway, she is very helpful, so if you leave a comment I know she would help you out. Here is her blog: http://nevertoomuchglitter.wordpress.com/
Hope it helps!