Perfectly Polished Tips 108 - Franken Polish Extravaganza

For whatever reason my Sally Beauty doesn't have China Glaze Recycle. I've been craving that polish since it was released. My first franken polish was a grey creme but it bubbles like crazy, and unfortunately causes all the polishes I've since mixed it with to bubble as well. I don't have a photograph of it because who wants to look at a bubbled up manicure? Not I. Here is what I did make.

looks much nicer in the bottle, and is bumpy on the nail.

to make this I used CND Voodoo, Essie Below the Belt, BB Couture for Nail Diamond Dust, and Cutex Crocodile. The Cutex has to be an oldie because the chemical stench is almost unbearable.

This is made from CND Voodoo and CQ French White. I apologize for the smudge on my middle finger, I hit it just before taking the photo. This grey is a lot lighter than my first franken.

I didn't test the first one with a base coat but I think it might be wearable. The second is right up my alley but I feel like it might be a little too light.

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