Perfectly Polished Tips 110 - Franken Polish Extravaganza

Before I was able to get my hands on Essie Starry Starry Night I was determined to make my own replica. I went on to make pink and purple versions, but not realizing only certain sparkles worked they were a bust. Last fall NARS had a sale on several of their polishes and I grabbed three. I ended up hating them, the smell, the formula, and I got terrible wear from them. I decided that Midnight Express would make a great base for my SSN dupe. However because I wasn't big on glitter at the time I didn't have much to work with. I used China Glaze Kalidescope Him Out to acheive the glittery goodness of this polish. I believe the Kaliescope collection was recently discontinued, so get them while you still can.

A jelly navy blue with glitter.

I like that the glitter isn't over the top because that's not me.

This concludes my Franken Polish Extravaganza. Mixing polishes is a great way to make to make your self a unique signature color. It's also a good way to (temporarily) satisfy a very very very hard to find lemming.


Alex said...

Ohh! I love how it looks like stars in the sky. I've been thinking about something like this, and now I know it looks really great!

Anonymous said...

Very pretty blue! Great job!!!