Perfectly Polished Tips 85 - China Glaze Emerald Sparkle

Ok, I know I said that I wasn't going to cave and buy this polish but I did. I'm so happy that I did too. I think I found a green that I will actually wear. China Glaze Emerald Sparkle is basically a green version of Ruby Pumps. It's a deep green glitter in a green base. It was opaque with one coat but I used two for my swatch.

It has so many layering possibilities. In the above picture I put one coat over two coats of Superstar Gucci Green. I also want to try it over black, and Chelsea Psycho Green. I wonder how it would look over a teal like China Glaze Rodeo Fanatic.

I was curious about how it compared to Color Club's Object of Envy. Both bottles are pictured above and as you can see Emerald Sparkle's glitter is finer and the over all color is daker. The big thing between the two is that Emerald Sparkle is in a green base and Object of Envy's base is clear.

Here I have (l-r) Object of Envy over Gucci Green, Object of Envy alone, and Emerald Sparkle.

Emerald Sparkle is such a pretty color and not at all too holiday feeling. I think I would be able to wear this anytime. It's making me wonder if I should get Gussied Up Green. This polish was released last month but went out of stock immediately. It is up on ebay for a ridiculous amount of money but can also be found in random beauty supply stores. If you are a member of Make Up Alley send a message to GiggleMommy and ask her to add you to the wish list. I believe that members of the nail board have already helped some where around 50 ladies who weren't able to find this polish. The same goes for Tinsel. I believe some Sally Beauty stores were to receive it as well but it will (or already did) go quick.

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Karina said...

It was only pictures such as these that made me consider a green I might really wear. I own several greens, but they're "just not right." And like you, this one is it! :-)