Perfectly Polished Tips 84 - Superstar Nail Lacquer

Recently I was asked to try out a fairly new line of nail polish. Superstar Nail Lacquer. The polish is fast drying, free of toxins and comes in 21 different colors. Superstar has bold colors as well as subdued lady like hues. I got to test out 3 of the 21 shades, Fierce Fuchsia, Silver Screens, and Gucci Green. I was really impressed with these polishes. The company definitely has the brush and toxin free formula down. The brush wasn't too wide which is good for me because I have such small nail beds. They applied beautifully, no clumps and most importantly no streaking.

Fierce Fuchsia is a hot pink neon. It is slightly brighter than the photo above. This polish needed 3 coats for full coverage which was not a huge deal because it was dry in seconds. I do not have a top coat on in any of my swatches, because this is a neon it dries matte. A good top coat like INM Out the Door or Seche Vite will give you great shine.

Silver Screens (I mislabeled it in the picture, I apologize) is a foil-y metallic silver. For whatever reason I have been loving the foil-y, icy colors as of late. This color jumped out at me as soon as I opened the package. It is opaque in one coat but I prefer two, so that is what is shown above. Even without top coat it is still smooth and shiny. This one is going to get a lot of use from me.

Gucci Green is a deep forest green with a hint of gold sparkle. It is a very pretty color but for some reason I just cannot get into greens. This polish probably could have used three coats to make the color pop even more.

Why is Gucci Green living in a Lippmann Collection bottle you ask? Well my lovely 2 year old decided that he did not like Gucci Green and threw him against the wall. Snapping his neck and causing him to lose a lot of his contents. I was able to salvage a little more than half the bottle. My rug on the other hand was not so lucky. The purpose of this picture is to show you the slight gold shimmer.

Superstar Nail Lacquer retails for $8.50 and can be found at Stacia Pierce's Style Shoppe. Over all I am impressed with the quality of these polishes but I feel like the colors have all been done before. However I am still lusting over Ambitious Blue, Park Avenue Purple, and Walk the Red Carpet. If you have the opportunity to try these polishes do it. I tested Silver Screens over my manicure the other day and as of today had no chips or anything so I'm thinking the wear on these is pretty awesome too.

I'm not sure if there are any retail locations that sell this brand but it looks as if the website has a flat rate of $5 for shipping.


Angel said...

very pretty. I really like the Silver Screen and the Gucci Green.

sorry about your rug!

Dami said...

yea the rug is lost LOL. I tried everything, luckily it has green in the color scheme so it almost blends.

Anonymous said...

I have My stylist loves pink and the color is gorgeous and it does dry relatively fast. BUT the chips are frustrating! Its a new polish so I really hope that they look at the adhesive in their formula that will help it adhere to the nail better and more importantly-LONGER.