Perfectly Polished Tips 75 - Comparison Swatches

One of my readers asked if I could do a comparison of China Glaze Cow Girl Up and Zoya Rihana. Here are the bottles, they look very similar.

Here they are on my nails. Both polishes are two coats with no top coat. Rihana is more on the pink side while Cow Girl Up is more purple. Cow Girl also has a slight blue shimmer while Rihana does not. I think if you aren't super picky one of these could satisfy the lemming for both. In my opinion the China Glaze applied better.

I hope this helped! If you ever want pictures of something or comparisons please feel free to ask! I always try to post comparisons when I put up swatches of new collections but sometimes I leave some out like I did with these two.


Brooke said...

I want that cowgril up. Such a pretty pretty color.

Anonymous said...

thank you very much for the comparison :-) i have cowgirl up (love it!!! and couldn't decide if i needed rihana as well because of the similar looking bottle color. i'm still not quite sure, but in your pic i definitely can see a difference that might be big enough to buy rihana as well. thanks again :-)