Perfectly Polished Tips 74 - NYC Molten Metal

NYC has released a metallic shade called Molten Metal for fall, I believe as of right now it is a limited edition color. It has been spotted in various drug stores and Target. I wasn't able to find it here in upstate NY, but it might just not have made it here when I looked. I am usually not a fan of drug store polishes, but this one was too unique to pass up. It is very sheer though, my swatch is 3 coats and it was mostly opaque. It was slightly streaky though but it is a glitter polish.

While I do like it on it's own I decided to try a layering experiment. I put one coat of Molten Metal over two coats of China Glaze's Bermuda Breakaway. The result was interesting, I don't think it's too pretty but it's grown on me. I put it on two nights ago and I have zero tip ware and no chips. It's probably a combination of the polishes, I don't think I put a base coat on though, I don't remember. Here is the result of my layering experiment.

NYC polishes are usually $2-3 depending on where you get them. They can be found at various drug stores, Target, Walmart, and possibly KMart. I am not sure what the display for this one looks like because it was sent to me since I couldn't find it here.


Brooke said...

I have been on a search for that darn molten metal - no luck here in Oklahoma ;(

Love how the bottom pic turned out, very pretty color.

Dami said...

i wasn't able to find it here either. one of the ladies on MUA sent it to me.

thank you - i never do anything funky on my tips so i wanted to try :)

Unknown said...

oy it looks so great on you, but I picked up the bottle and it just wasn't my color. *sigh*