Perfectly Polished Tips 76 - Halloween Nails

When I first looked at this picture of singer M.I.A her nails were the first thing to pop out at me. To me they look like candy corn. Or maybe she is sporting a funky french. Either way it reminded me of Halloween. I don't really get into the holidays as much as some so I probably won't be doing a Halloween manicure. However I would love to see some, if you plan on doing one please share! I'm not sure if you can post it in the comments but you could email it to me and I could do a whole post on them. If anyone is interested please let me know!


MariahGem said...

Is she preggers??? She's always so skinny.

Dami said...

yes she is, honestly i have no idea who she is and i've never heard her music. but the article i got this picture from did say she was expecting.