Perfectly Polished Tips 73 - Zoya Vibe

Vibe is the second fall collection out from Zoya this fall. At first glance to me it looked as if they put two of each color in the box, and I was disappointed. I took them into the sun to swatch and got a surprise. I love cremes so it's not a surprise that I would love this collection. They all applied very well with the exception of Riley. That one was streaky but three coats of color evened it out. This collection has possible dupes of OPI Got the Blues for Red, which was recently discontinued and a HG red for me as well as OPI Hollywood & Wine which is also a discontinued color. When I reviewed Priti Polish I wrote about how much I loved the brown creme, well this collection has one as well and I am in love. Seriously a year ago I wouldn't have given any brown a second look, this fall I'm all about them.
((my nail is broken as well in these pictures, and sorry for slight sloppiness, swatching reds is not for me))

Alix is a strawberry creme, but it reminds me more of an apple. I would say this color has a slight jelly finish. It is also the polish that is close to me beloved Got the Blues for Red.

Asia is described as a red currant creme and is the lightest of the reds in this collection. I really like that these polishes are opaque with two coats. Usually jelly-ish reds aren't. The closest dupes I found to Asia were OPI Vodka & Caviar and Lippmann Stop and Stare. With Stop and Stare being the most similar.

Dakota is a red apple creme. I would say it's more of a cherry red. It's obviously darker than the above two but still red. I have more reds than I know what to do with, but I have been so impressed with Zoya lately that I may get rid of the others and keep these. Red is such a classic color, especially a red creme. Dakota is similar but a hair darker than Carolyn NY Brooklyn.

Riley is a cranberry shade and is a little more pink than my camera picked up here. This was my problem of the group. It was streaky at two coats but three made it perfect. This color reminds me of OPI Marooned on the Magnificent Mile, but since I just sent it to a new home I no longer have it to compare.

Zoya calls Sam a plum brandy creme. In the bottle it looks like baby poo brown but it's so red on the nail. I don't see any purple at all. This is the color that I think is similar to OPI Hollywood & Wine. On the nail they look very close. I added Color Club Feverish in there because it's much darker in the bottle than on the nail.

Nina is called a burgundy wine creme. I say it's a chocolate brown creme, but that's just me. This may be my favorite from the collection. I thought I had a picture comparing it to Priti Polish Widow Iris but I don't. They are pretty much the same polish though.

So not a super exciting collection but I'm just happy that I don't have to get a back up of Got the Blues for Red or Hollywood & Wine. I feel like by getting back ups that I am hoarding. I have more polish than any one woman could possibly use up in a life time. Unless I changed my nail color hourly, which isn't going to happen.

Vibe is up on Zoya.com and don't forget about the Zoya Promo!


Anonymous said...

This post is after my heart. I've been on a big red kick lately.

Anonymous said...

I don't love red as much as I used too, but the quality of these reds is what sucked me in.