Perfectly Polished Tips 72 - Zoya Pulse

This fall Zoya put out two collections, this is the shimmery metallic one. It's full of rich colors and even though there were no blues this time around I'm still really impressed. I have Blair on my toes and I wore Sloane for almost 5 days, and the wear was great. I didn't use Zoya's base & top coat so I was really happy with the amount of time I was able to keep Sloane (neatly) on my tips. Before I get to the pictures I want to note that I broke the nail on my middle finger. I had to clip it pretty far down to prevent what I am assuming would have been a horrible rip. I was going to go naked until it grew a bit but I had sun light today for the first time in about a week. So please excuse that nail.

Zoya describes this color as Blackberry Plum and I suppose I agree. It's a lot more red to me in real life. It does have really pretty pink sparkles though.

Mikka is an icy grape with a metallic finish. In the bottle this color looked more on the purple side than it does on my nails. I think this might be my favorite out of this collection though.

Rihana (excuse my spelling on the pic) is a raspberry wine. I picture wine a little darker but I guess it's pretty accurate, this is another favorite.

Jacy is a purpley mauve with the most amazing sparkle. If you really look at it in the sun it has pink and purple sparkles. My camera never picks up the best parts of a polish. It's there though. My only gripe is that I wish it was a little darker. And of course since it has the dreaded "mauve" in the description it might scare people away from buying it. haha. It is a pretty color though.

When I first saw Jacy I thought hey that looks like OPI Louvre Me Louvre Me Not! So I compared the two and Jacy has a pinker base, but they are pretty close in my opinion. I don't think there is any need to have both unless you absolutely love the color.

Zoya calls Blair Elderberry, what exactly is an elderberry? This is a metallic red with a magenta base. I have this on my toes right now and my husband said it reminded him of crushed velvet. Which made me laugh.

Since we've seen the shimmery pinky reds before I compared a couple. Ok, I just realized I labeled the picture wrong. The polish on my ring finger is OPI Bogoata Blackberry and the one on my pointed is OPI Pretty at the Premier. PatP is closest to Blair, but Blair is a hair darker.

Colbie is a russet metallic. It's another red but it's more on the orange red side rather than pink red. I didn't have any other reds close to this because I think I'm on the cool side. This polish is not cool. It reminds me of OPI's Wine Me and Dine Me, maybe a bit lighter though.

Pulse is now shipping on Zoya.com, and if you order before October 31st you can take advantage of Zoya's Polish Poll code. I have a link to it in my side bar, you need to purchase $20 of product and you can receive three full size polishes free.


Anonymous said...

Pretty, but I am not a red girl.

Rosey said...

cool (o: Thank you so much for the comparisons!!! You just saved me 2 disappointments lol - i was keen on Blair and Jaccy, but i already have PatP and am planning to get LMLMN......money that can now go on some other lemmings (o; Cheers!!

Anonymous said...

nice swatches! i wonder how rihana compares to china glazes cowgirl up? could you prlease do a comparison of these? that would be very nice of you :-)

Anonymous said...

smirfy- yea i don't love reds as much as i used to.
rosey - yay! glad i could help :)
black diamond - yes i can do that, i'll try to have it up later on today for you.

Cali369 said...

Elderberry are a common tree/bush in the UK (not sure about US). The cream flowers make a lovely cordial (also yummy with champagne). In late summer the trees are covered in clusters of small black berries which are way darker than Blair, more like the colour of blackberries. I don't think they're edible but people do make home-made wine out of them (generally something to be very cautious of!)

Anonymous said...

can you restate the names of the 3 red color comparisons from left to right please, i'm confused about which is which. thanks so much!!!