Perfectly Polished Tips 69 - OPI Holiday in Toyland

The Holiday OPI collection has been spotted at Trade Secret and it is also up on Transdesign.com. You can find swatches of the collection on The Polish Addict, The Nailphile, and All Lacquered Up.

Before I saw the swatches I was thinking I only needed one or two. However I need all the darks and sheers and maybe one of the reds. Which ones are you thinking about getting?


Grace said...

I am dying to get my hands on Baby It's "Coal" Outside, Brand New Skates, "Sheer" Your Toys, and You're a Doll. That's more than I usually go for from one collection. These are all really great though.

Anonymous said...

I'm getting all the darks/neutrals and two or three of the reds.