Perfectly Polished Tips 68 - Priti Polish

Priti Organic Spa is an 100% eco-friendly spa. They use all natural products for their spa services and manicures and their packing is completely recyclable. Priti polishes do not contain Toluene, Formaldehyde, or DPB's. Their nail polish remover is even made from soy and will take off any brand of polish. They have a pretty big variety of colors as well as a line of minis called Princess polish, which were created by the owner's 7 year old daughter. These polishes are safe for pregnant women and young children.

I chose four polishes based on the chart, I don't reccomend this because you cannot really tell what the color truly looks like. I think many of you prefer to make purchased based on seeing the polish in real life first anyways. The colors I chose ended up being ones that I would have never purchased myself. However after trying them I think I found some new favorites. The application was pretty smooth, a few of them have metallic finishes so I had a lot of visible brush strokes. One of these days I am going to figure out how to avoid them. I got a dark creme as well which had a very streaky first coat but after the second it was fine. The bottles and brushes remind me of the Boys In the Bottle ones, the handle and brush are small which make it slightly awkward to manuver with. It didn't give me too much trouble though.

Cornflower is a metallic royal blue, this picture is two coats of polish in sun light. It's a little more subdued in regular lighting. I love blue but I think I already have something similar however I think I'm going to keep this one based on the application.

I ordered Dreamland Tulip by accident. Priti has a line of mini polishes that even though the color is the same the names are not. When I placed my order I listed the wrong number, I was hoping for a blue but I accidentally ordered the orange underneath. However this color is beautiful, it's not as bright as some of the other oranges I have owned are. It's more on the pink side which I like, I think it works better with my skin tone. I don't do oranges on tips though so either it will be a pedicure color or maybe I will take the orange plunge next summer. You can see the brush strokes but I think the coverage is great.

Ice Maiden Violet is not at all violet, it's a pale baby pink. This color is loaded with brush strokes but it reminds me of the holiday Lippmann I am lemming. I think I'll keep this one instead. This is two coats so for being as light as it is this polish has amazing coverage which I love.

Widow Iris was another I ordered by accident. From the swatch it looked purple but it's actually a deep chocolate brown. This is two coats and there are no streaks at all. I have only owned shimmery browns and I would only swatch and never wear them. This brown I like, it reminds me of Hershey's chocolate. Who doesn't love chocolate? I'm not too sure if it goes with my skin but I like it and will be wearing it, probably tonight.

Overall I really like this brand of polish. Apparently they are chip resistant and you can see how glossy Widow Iris is, there is no top coat in that picture. Priti does not test on animals either. There is a location a few hours away from me and if I ever get the chance I am going to go there to see the colors in person. You can order them online from PritiOrganicSpa.com. The color chart is downloadable at the web site. Priti polishes retail for $12.50 and the Princess line for $10.

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